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  1. A quick question . My wife has a tomtato patch I thrower a few plants in it 6 or7 came in from work noticed a lot of movement in patch spotted neighbors dog in it diggin two broke plants and one dug up out of ground replanted it doing fine . Well later that nite got thinking about it went out to check on them and damn street light about 100 yards or closer so is light going to slow budding thanks
  2. complain to the city ;)
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    Complain to city I'm not allowed to grow .what should I tell them the mans light is interferring with my with my weed . I'm not being smart ass or nothing just like to know what I need to tell them if not I'm shooting it out got some same stuff in woods put out later and it's done got buds pretty good size . But these seems to be doing worse done good in veg slow flowering
  4. Come on use the common sense. If you don't want to complain a pellet will do the trick quickly.
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    Yeah! Just go earn ureself a jail cell! That will fix ure problem...... ::smoke::
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    Lol bought new pellet rifle couple days ago. To paranoid to pull trigger
  7. Yeah just think about it first. It is a high risk move for a temp fix. A city worker will prob fix it in under a month or less. It matters what kind of area you live in, but I would advise you to think about it first. Some counties down play when it comes to public vandalism. Just lookin out for a fellow green thumb!!! ::smoke::
  8. Get a big ass umbrella or one of those back yard tents to put over it at night
  9. seriously? 70 dollar or cheaper bb gun rifle, pump action. shoot it far away during the day, no one will know =] most likely, it wont shatter it depending what the cover is made of, i doubt glass.
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    Yeah I live out of the city actually it is in the country but this prick pays elec company for this damn light each month I guess lol rents damn thing he one those kind of neighbor .mighty high opinion of his self. So no city worker but elec co. Prolly be out quick to fix it . I am last house on lane we live on . Think I will block it best I can been in and out of jail my whole life .thanks guys
  11. oh i see.. ouch. good luck guy.
  12. Ok guys I have Bern last three nites taking 50 gal trash can liners . The big black ones . And putting them over the plants and doubling up to make it darker . About twenty mins before dark till right after dawn. I leave a air passage on the side away from light . Will this hurt them?

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  13. I don't think it'd hurt them.....

    Shoot that light out in the middle of the day...
  14. I have the same problem because I live in apt complex so what I did was built like a half tent something like a shelter to shield from the direction that the light was coming from still had the wind blowing and my plant didn't hemie and grew just find,like they use in the boy scout those cheap tents but only using the have so neighbors won't be suspicios .
  15. is it brighter than a full moon? standing at your plants. i have a street lite less than 60ft no problems

  16. you'd have to be really fucking stupid to get caught breaking a street light! done that plenty of times when i was in school and never got caught once!

    op, i'd put something over the plants like a table umbrella or something like that, cuz even if you put that light out they'll be back to fix it anyway!
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    Then someone will
    Have to come out an fix the light. They will
    Climb up the poll an see your shit. If they work for the city maybe they will
    Say something. I work for a phone company an climb poll all the time
    An see people grows all the time.

  18. Yeah you'd prob have to do it several times throughout the grow lol consider it some kind of periodical plant training lol nah he's right prob best to just put something on 'em. enough ppl complain about the light being out they'll fix it.
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    Yes it is but the bags seem to help my smallest plant gettin nice budz already

  20. Seriously. This isn't a police state yet. If you can't find the time. For that one second to go undetected. You need to start at the very start. Go play metal gear. Get in a cardboard box. Nobody will never know.

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