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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by tiki_god7, May 11, 2003.

  1. alright this is going to be my first attempt growing so I know little about the subject yet. My first question has to do with lighting. I've been told that a light from a street light would work great cuz they're sodium lights or something?? anybody know anything about this?
  2. hmmm, well its possible its mercury vapor also. I would vote no.

    And how would you duplicate voltage wattage and ballast for an unknown bulb.

  3. Just take the whole damn fixture. get a voltage converter that converts 220v over to 110 or 120v. should work but yes make sure its not mercury vapor.
  4. shit, almost forgot, welcome to the city:)
  5. Some systems run 277 volt also,

    I wouldnt mess with it.
  6. depends on where you get the light from. but its a shit load cheaper than buying a 1000w light:)
  7. check it out i got one of those sunday and took off the caseing and its 400 watt ... its just a what they call them multitap? transformers that has about 6 wires coming off of it with a diff voltage printed on each wire soo hook the proper voltage up to a plug and the ground of course and you might want to put longer wires from the ballast to the light so you can have room to move it around and have the ballast fastened to something.. i screwed mine down to a square peice of plywood and ur good to go.
  8. Welcome! My advice would be just do a floro grow at first and get your box worked out instead of stealing a street light.
    Sell the floro harvest, and dont forget to save some for yourself :D. Then with the money you made buy hps,mh, or son agro lighting and get some quality seeds from a seed bank. Good luck!
  9. go with the street light ,mine is a 400 watt mh which i use for veg then i switch to a hps conversion for flower...most street lamps are either mh or hps in the 400 to 1000 watt range.

  10. this is a good idea!! every harvest sell a little bit of it to improve your box for the next:) good call gr0wer:D
  11. how do you steal a streetlight?

    most of the ones i see, you have to climb up there, and its like 15+ feet high
  12. go to a place where theyre building a road. in amongst the construction materials, you will find your light(s). plus they're other good stuff there too, and its all government backed, so they are kind of helping you grow:D
  13. ^^^ That sounds like an awfully good way to get your ass kicked by a construction worker.

    I'd take my chances goin up the pole.
  14. Stealing stuff from construction sites is always a good idea. My friend's gonna help me steal a street light at a nearby Arby's. It's a brown pole with three brown box lights. The bulbs all look like MH bulbs. Exactly like the one in this picture. Does anybody think it could be a 1000W MH light? Thanks!

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  15. i'll kick the construction workers ass, with a metal pipe that is:D. chances are he wouldnt even give a fuck. its not like hes paying for it. plus, thats why you go there with a flashlight at 1:00 in the morning.;)
  16. Go get yourself a light specifically made for indoor gardening.

    The street lights will require some major rewiring to fit into a household socket.

    Plus the lights on the street already have heavy hours of use on them.
  17. well i was talking price and not everyone can afford $400 for a light inside sun has the street light with a new bulb for $120 and it's pre wired all ready...if it's just a small set up for personal use why spend that kind of cash...iv'e been useing my 2 light i got from them for over a year and without a problem...
  18. theres a house being built a few yards away from mine, im thinking about checking it out one night, seeing what i can grab...
  19. Dude, thats not how its done :D you and your boys get suited up in all black and one person gets a climbing harnes on. You get in a dark car. Roll up to the place lights off and engine killed. Cimb up the gutter drain to the roof, secure the rope to the nearet vent or chimney. Clip in and repell down to the light fixture. Tie on a line to the fixture atached to your harness. Use an air ratchet powerd by a regulated co2 supply, wraped up with socks to muffle the sound and unscrew the fixture. Once free pull it off the wall and lower it. Repell down then get in the car and drive off.

    Or you can use a ladder and van idea but i bet that my idea would be a blast stoned! :p
  20. the lamps r at the top of the pole and the balasts r behind the little door at the bottom of the pole. its the balast u really want, bulbs r cheap enough.

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