streched, stressed, what's next?

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  1. So I'm day 37 in flower about 60 days from clone and most everything going ok. 1000w hydro coco co2 but my ladies too tall and got heat issues at top of em. I think there was a light leak through the hood ducting too affecting the tallest ones. Didn't think it was affecting since flower started just fine so now I cover it at night which is actually day hence light leak. So due to the stress and light the tips are stretching still possible reveg or foxtailing? The lower buds all look good so there's hope I'm sure for some. Any hope for all? Suggestions? Ideas? Similar stories? This is my first grow and hope to learn from my mistakes. Veg shorter I think. Plants grow a lot in transistion. Haha.

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  2. If the tops of the tallest plants looks somewhat scrawny I would maybe just cut it down. Probably not going to produce a lot of buds anyway, if you are at day 37 already.

    Otherwise you could try and bend them down/away from the light?
  3. Yeah trying cutting some of the tops but seems like it just makes the problem go horizontal. The flowers on stretch seem to be bulking up a bit so fingers crossed. Maybe I will just harvest as they are ready. Guess its kind of an experiment from here. Still got some time to get fat.
  4. had that issue with a plant last go around one just grew past the light. I topped it before it was flowering very heavy. but if I had to deal with it again I would veg for a shorter amount of time. as it was the height I wanted before switching to flowering.

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