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Strawberry Philly Blunts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 123efg, May 19, 2010.

  1. Okay, so I was thinking about back in the day when me and my boys used to always enjoy strawberry philly blunts. The only problem is - I can't find them anywhere now. I've been to several gas stations and every time I ask if they have strawberry philly blunts, they just offer me those little strawberry phillies in the case that are easy to roll, but I want the actual strawberry philly blunts - they were big. They weren't those small ass things, they were big and had a leaf around them.

    So, does anyone have ANY idea where they sell philly blunts. I can't find them anywhere.

    Here's a picture so you know what i'm talking about.

    They used to sell em for $2.00 a pack back in the day, but i'm expecting they're probably around 5 now if they even sell them, but I haven't found them anywhere so any information on where any of you have seen this please tell!! Maybe i'm just not looking at the right places.
  2. idk man ive never seen em in the big verisons i dont think they make em anymore i could be wrong though. :smoke:

  3. I think I might have to order em online. My friend was tryin to tell me that they were "illegal" since Obama passed some law vs flavored tobacco, but I don't believe what he's saying, because then Swishers should be illegal as well as the other flavored cigars.
  4. Drug store or cigar shop may have them yet.

  5. I'll look around for a cigar shop, never seen them where I live though.
  6. man where do you live??? drug stores, grocery stores, stop and goes. Hell even wall mart has em.
  7. i think i saw some at the flying j truck stop the other day if you know what that is
  8. I've found some a while ago in portland... but it is rare only in like tobacco stores though. Yeah whenever i go to the gas station we get grape philly's and they are the smaller ones.

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