Strawberry Deathstar and Lavender Diesel SCROG Current Culture Grow

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  1. Starting in bubble cloner and dwc moving to 2 three bucket current cultue systems with 4x2 SCROG under 2 600w lights

    I recieved clones from a guy i met here locally. Bought 3 deathstar clones but one didnt survive the 45 min transport because they were bare root and its cold as hell here right now. Got a replacement commin in a day or two. Two others almost died but perked back up this morning. I have these in a 30 gal tub 6" netpots water touchin bottom of netpot. 22C R.O water pH to 6.1 general hydroponics Floramicro/bloom series, floralicious+, and aquasheild ppm at 400.

    I then bought a lavender diesel clone about a foot tall made a bubblecloner with 4" netpots and took 4 clones hoping to get 3 good ones. Looked droopy think water was too low but ajusted it. They look a lil better today.

    I am not expert, i have had my card for a year now and i am still learning. Comment and tips appreciated. This grow complies with all state law and is a legal medicaul marijuana grow.
  2. How can i post pics?
  3. Two SDS survived the transplant! Got the replacement third comin tmr. Lav diesel clones have perked back up, i had a problem with water too low. Brought water level up to just above bottom of netpot, stems turned back green and straightened back up. Looks like we are off and rolling! Second pic lavender diesel clones

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  4. Lavender Diesel sounds soo yummy, good luck man=]
  5. I will b posting pics of the system when my current plants are done. Im running a single 40mlp commercial airpump for all 3 plants and a 4 outlet 15 lpm for both rez. Two 400gph pumps for current and 2" tubing to connect buckets, 3/4 return line. She works very nicely! Only have one built but gonna have another ready for the new clones.

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  6. Quick update. 2 of 4 lavender diesel clones died after i let the water get to cold overnight one night after cloning. Two still alive. I took another clone and started him in a rockwool cube today. Got the heat pad and dome running once again.. the bubble cloner isnt working too well for me so im goin back to how i have done it successfully in the past.
    My buddy didnt have another deathstar ready so i got a crystal mountain. He told me it is a strain that came from washington.. i got a teen from him and took 3 nice sized clones and got them in cubes in case the lav d dont make it. If they do, ill throw them in soil and run them through.

    1st pic sds and crystal in dwc. Sds off and growing finally after almost killing it during transportation and transplant.

    2nd pic new clones in dome. I also cloned my bubba kush b4 flowering her today :p

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  7. Update. One SDS lookin great got roots in the water a few days ago. Same with crystal mountain.
    No sign of roots from clones yet.
    Few pics of my current culture system w/o screen installed. Test run plants almost done.

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  8. This growl journal is being restarted due to a few problems and new clones. Feel freel to follow my new one

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