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strawberry cough

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cfisette, May 16, 2010.

  1. is some DANK bud. anyone ever had some? i picked up a half-eighth for $25 yesterday and it was some really fun stuff, a really good body high. will post a pic later.
  2. idk the stuff i got was pretty good....better than a lot of the stuff i've got. only one or two strains i've had top it i'd say (cheese and OG kush)
  3. best strain ive ever had.. picked up a 1/4 from a grower and god damn this stuff is good... real heady high with some niiiccceee body effects as well.
  4. half......eighth?

    you mean a blunt?

  5. most ppl dont roll up 1.7 gram blunts of dank

    thats just a waste
  6. That's some expensive shit
  7. wheres the pictures ??????????????????????????
  8. i love strawberry cough.

    whoever said its not dank, is wrong.

    its a great sativa that does wonders for depression and anxiety!

    i just finished off the gram i bought from my dispensary!
  9. well.... it's only a blunt if he chose to roll it into a blunt.

    strawberry cough is dank dank dank dankity stuff. i love it.
  10. Had it once and have been trying to get ahold of it ever since. In my experience seems like ppl really enjoy it or its just ok. Might depend on the type of high one is after, but Im all about the strawberry cough.
  11. I just had it today for the first time and it is some great bud and it smells AMAZING.
  12. Strawberry cough is definitely some dank. Best I've had in KY, even beating AK-47. Expensive but definitely worth it.
  13. #13 Penelope420, May 17, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 17, 2010
    whhhhaaat?? :rolleyes:

    (edit: I just noticed I was in the apprentice tokers forum... that explains the above post)

  14. i have noticed that people either hate it or love it to!

    it depends when im smoking as to what i decide to smoke. but for the mornings i like things like SC or sour diesel.

    as a matter of fact im about to fire up some pink diesel i got yesterday. it is the strongest diesel i have had yet.

  15. lol my thoughts too :D

    Strawberry Cough is some good stuff, my buddy grew it a while ago he did a wonderful job.

  16. Agreed.
    How could anyone possibly say it's mids anyway without seeing the bud? It's how it's grown, same with any other strain. There's people out there that can grow bag seed better then a person who doesn't know what the hell they're doing with some OG Kush seeds.

    Here's some Strawberry cough plants, how is that not dank? :smoking:

  17. one thing i love about this strain is how solid the nugs become!

    im gonna try and track down a SC clone. i would not mind growing this one!

  18. ahahaha exactly what i was thinking!

  19. yeah i guess this is true:rolleyes:, i just never heard anybody say half eighth before
  20. my friend who smokes quite a bit says that is the best weed hes ever had. and hes had some good stuff before such as northern lights, kush, and some others

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