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Strawberry Cough!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by grapeALICIOUS, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Almost a 2g nug displayed below, picked up a zip of this stuff...I must say it leaves a very nice kick on my taste buds, very refreshing aroma as well. Taken with my cell but the light of the sun brings out its beauty. :D :smoking:

  2. Very nice and dank. Strawberry Cough is one of my top favorite strain.
  3. That looks nice man, frosty as hell.
  4. Thanks fellas, sure makes me cough up a lung lol
  5. I love strawberry cough. Nice pickup
  6. too jealous grape,ive been wanting to try this strain out so bad!

    Enjoy,and gimme a smoke report too buddy :D
  7. This shit gets me incredibly high..the taste is unlike any other..can't even really describe
  8. I'm so jealous. I love Strawberry Cough! Nice pick up man :hello:
  9. does that bud, by any chance have a vagina?
  10. Hahaha YES actually & I've been poundin' it all week haha care for sloppy seconds!? :p :smoking:
  11. When i had strawberry cough it had the most exotic scent and flavour and the smoke was so rich and thick ... when i blew a hit out my nose it tingled like i was smoking something menthol ... it was bomb buds for sure ... nice pick up mang.
  12. Dude what's crazy is...that perfectly describes this nug haha to a fuckin' T! :smoking:

    This is easily one of the best strains I've smoked. Got me high as hell right now.
  13. i just picked some of this up too its the shit
  14. that bud is worth sloppy thirds if need be. :hello:
  15. the high just creeps up on you and keeps going higher &'s beautiful

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