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  1. I am currently a senior in highschool.
    Always very tired when i wake up, so when i do get up, i rush to get everything done so i can spare some extra time to lay back in bed befor i have to leave for school.
    Well today it was very interesting. I felt very relaxed and calm, probably the most ive ever felt sober. i thought as if i was snapping in and out of a dream every minute or so. still awake and consious, but in a very cloudy dream. Id say within the 15 minutes i was experiencing this, i had over 5 different dreams.
    Im not sure if this is one of those things many people experience, but its only happened to me a couple times.
    so please share if youve had any simuliar experiences.

    sorry for any of the mispelt words or missed punctuations. im very.....

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