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  1. One of my seeds that I started inside seems to be growing a little odd. It's almost as if topped itself? Take a look. The main stem somehow is stunted and there are four main parts now.

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  2. if you breed that with an auto flow to produce an auto flowering and auto topping... that would be a money maker right there...
  3. I don't know anything about growing...just wanted to let you know that your name is AWESOME!!!
  4. how do yoy not know anything bout growing you got 13000 plus post on a weed growing site
  5. I'm going to let you figure that out on your own.
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    Try and get some seeds out of it. It may be a genetic thing or it may be a virus(somewhat unlikely), or something else if I were you I would tie it down and LST it. Im Pming you too.
  7. ya if its genetic, those are some valuable seeds. you could prolly patent those too if it becomes legalized lol
  8. Do you plan on keeping the plants in those pots the rest of their live? I have 2 plants in pots maybe 1 gallon size. Would it still bud, or get root bound and die?
  9. Iam liking what i see
  10. @ DMX, nahh those are just some $1 pots i bought but im just gonna throw them in soil bags
  11. get the seeds and grow a couple of those. If they do the same you could have discoverd somthing great.
  12. Hate to point out the obvious but if the tip got damaged in anyway it could have cut it's losses and just grew branches, if not and it is a true genetic, seeds u get from it may or may not have the same characteristics this is why stabilizing a strain can take years it's a genetic crapshoot, even if u chemical induces a hermi and bred it with itself (feminizing seeds) the genetics could vary greatly, I've been working on my strain for 3+ years now and it's just now getting stabilized fully. Whereas northern lights has been worked on for 20+ years. Best bet is to not flower the plant at all, keep it a mother so u don't lose the traits and work on breeding the clones. Getting certain traits is tricky at one time I was working with 5 or 6 strains and 50-70 clones/sprouts and out of all those I got 1, count em 1! end strain, it did leave me with diff combos of strains in the steps like blue moonshine x jack herer and critical47 x blue moonshine and some others but it all came down to the mother I have now, I'm interested to see how this plant of urs turns out and if it keeps branching off or keeps the 4 as colas
  13. Hieroglyphics !!!
  14. The main stem is still growing but is short. The 4 stems are still growing and is not the runt anymore

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