strange way to find a new connect {Long}

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    So today after class, my friends and i decide to hit up Fry's groceries store and grab some sandwiches and sodas. When we walked out the car to walk towards Frys, this guy came up to us and said "hey, im selling these silver earnings, necklace and etc". We are like nah we good and he kept on talking that he just came from cali and just came over here (AZ). He than said that he has some homegrown shit, and thats when i was like shit yea!!! My friends dont smoke so they all looked at me. This is when i started to think that this dude has to be a cop. My friends thought it as well when we talked about it after words. We than just listen to him talk about his life story etc.... Then, he said that he has some knives he selling to, so we walked to his car and we realize that his car is parked next to ours. So we were like shittt. He pulled out a couple knives to show us and also pulled out a sword. he than gave us free knives cause he said we were cool. We were still listening to his stories, while he was trying to sell the silvers to people who walked pass. Some said nah and just walked and he joked about them like "calling them stuck up bitches". This kept going on and all of a sudden a cop pulls up and parks in the middle of the drive way, than another one pulls up. I was like oh shit.... and just acted normal. The cop said that someone called for suspicious activity. I figured because there were knives being pulled out of his gun. The guy than says i dont want to deal with these people and said im going, the cop told him to stay for questioning and he kept on rambling and i was like shit, this is not good. Out of no where the guy said you guys doing this because i am "Black". when he said that i tried so hard not to laugh because he was puerto rican. The cop than got his ID and backround checked him, he said he was clean, he told us earlier he was clean, and lucky he came up clean. (We thought he was lying earlier, but guess hes legit. He was pretty nervous talking to the cops too.) He kept on being rude to the cops and finally the cops left after the guy said this is false report and that he is calling his lawyer. The cop explained a few things to us than they left. we than figure that we have been talking to this dude for like an hour and a half out in the parking lot.

    so we went to my friends house afterwords and my other friend and i left and i wanted to call the dude to check him out. So when we left i decide to call him and my friend was like damn man this guy is sketch, so we went my friends house and he got a gun and gave me a knife, i left my wallet in the car and i proceed to call him to see where his house is at. I told him that i want to check out his shit and that i wont being buying today, he was pretty chill hes all like yea its cool man ill give your a freebie. I was like sweat!! lucky nothing happen and we talked a bit and left. the shit is alright but def homegrown. Its more of like a mids than dank. Ill post up pics when i can.

    Sorry for the grammar errors!

    Forgot to mention, this dude was 54 Years Old!!
  2. cool story.
  3. u shouldve killed the cops with the knives he gave you, then gone home and smoked some of dat homegrown!

    just another gangsta day in southside detroit...
  4. Haha, to me its a pretty good day. Even though its homegrown, its not so great bud. ill post a few picks in a min.
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    Its not so good but, eh.
    I had a new pick up on Sunday with my regular connect, will be posting those pics up soon.

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