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  1. I have a couple of plants that have some strange spots starting to appear on the fan leaves. I cant figure out what is going on. I am using Fox Farms Ocean Forest and this particular plant is under 2 4ft flouros and a couple of leds. I am having this same issue with 3 plants that are in flowering I just cant take pics right now because they are on dark time. In Flowering I am using a 400 watt Hps. Temp is around 85 in flower and low 80s in veg. I have a feeling its some kind of nute lockout but I am not an expert and need expert advise. Attached is a pic of one of the veg plants.

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  2. Here is anouther pic.

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  3. Well I after some surching I believe I have found the problem but please correct me if I am wrong. First I am using tap water. I went to the website for the water company and looked up the most recent ph test and they are at 9.3 I am using fox farms Big bloom and Tiger bloom for nutes. I think that the high ph is locking out some of the nutes. If someone can verify that would be awesome. I am going to go get some water jugs at the grocery store and flush them. Then start over with the nutes.

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