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Discussion in 'General' started by diverse1, Sep 14, 2002.

  1. What's up tokers? I have seen some very weird signs over the interstate in Montgomery, Alabama. They are banners hung from overpasses around Montgomery that have a large leaf and the message: "If you think it's dry now, wait until next month." I also talked to a friend of mine in Florida and she said that she has seen the same thing. What gives? Is it the DEA letting everyone know that they are fixing to crack down on us peacefull dope lovers or is someone just fucking around? It is a shame that the U.S. Govt. has nothing else better to do than fuck with us gentle pot smokers. Why don't they crack down on the fuck-heads that make and sell the shit that kills people? I am sick and tired of the self-rightous bullshit that this country tries to impose on us "peacefull folk" and would really like to express my opinion. Well, I guess I have huh? Anyway, has anyone seen any of these signs?
  2. i'm certainly don't like that, im from canada but i haven't seen any signs like that at all here. i notice your new, hello!
  3. Wow, that's really crazy, scary even. I've heard of authorities doing much more corrupt and altogether worse things however, is the leaf distinctly a pot leaf? If not then perhaps it's there for a different purpose... Maybe they're trying to scare off legitimate farmers. Did there happen to be a drought around there recently? :) Worst part is that, at least around here, it is pretty damn dry at the moment.
  4. It's getting close to time to start justifying budgets in Washington. They must be getting ready to do something to make sure they can suck some more money out the taxpayers to prolong the war against their own people.

    It's been awfully dry here too. They just busted 60 lbs. the other day here!:( Random pullover stop. That was probably the local supply for around here.

    You'd think with all the shit going on in the world today they could find something better to do. Why the hell don't they put more effort into going after the meth labs! That shit is rampant around here. And it makes people just down right frigging crazy! If they want to grab headlines, go after the cranksters. Leave the stoners alone!
  5. Never dry over is the issue
  6. haha those fuckers will never take out vancity.. ever. you guys should grow your own or something
  7. Check this one out,

    "If you're smuggling drugs, you've already been caught."
  8. Wow! I haven't seen any signs around here but Smokinokie is right about Washington having to justify their budgets so I wouldn't doubt it if that was part of their agenda. I just want to sit down with all the stupid people and explain to them that marijuana is the least of the countries worries, and if they won't listen, then who needs 'em.....all of the stupid people should be taken out!!!!

    Imagine it.....a world filled with ONLY smart stoners!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh, that would be SOOOOO nice!!!!
  9. What's up tokers? I know now that the govt. is putting all these signs up. I was cruising downtown and saw a huge billboard next to police headquarters with the same message on it. And yes, it is a marijuana leaf. I agree that if the self rightous muthers would come down on all the crack-heads and meth-labs, there would be a whole lot less crime in our beutiful country. PEACE OUT!!!
  10. yeah my town is so damn dry because there is a task force in town trying to bust everyone in town.. so the people that havent been caught are being pussy scared to deal@@ although a guy got a pound last night and sold it all by this morning people are so desperate for it:)

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