Strange growth at a node

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  1. Strange growth at a node, plant has pre-flowered, is female and about 6 weeks old. this growth is only on the one spot and has no "sacs" or male parts
    Anyone know if this happens sometimes?

  2. what are we looking at?? I don't see it
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    It's the part where their shouldn't be growth. Right next to the stipules, & normal growth branch. There is a calyx with stipules but can't see it in the picture (can see a stipule sticking out from the other side of the plant though)
    Its the growth circled in black, single red is the normal branch growth, double red is a fan leaf and blue circle is lady parts on the other side of the plant
  4. im assuming you haven't induced flowering yet? i wouldn't worry about it, i don't know if it's normal or not, I've never been that scrutinizing before. you should be ok.
  5. Thats quite odd. Ive never been as scrutinizing either but that is an anomaly.

    I once had a plant that had branches that were albino. Buds and leaves were completely white. Didnt look sick or anything, was completely healthy. Sometimes on the same branch, one bud would be pure white and the other was green. Was very odd.

    Buds cured a strange yellow color but was good smoke. Only anomaly I ever experienced. Gotta love freaks!

  6. I have that on every grow all the way thru veg, I wouldnt worry about it as long as there are just hair and no balls :)
  7. you sure it wasn't maybe light burn poke? you would need a whole lot of PAR to do that though, only did it once myself-looks weird
  8. No the bud was white from its conception, grew white and all the leaves on that one branch grew white also, they werent green and then changed, they were just born that way somehow. It was odd.
  9. that's awesome I'd like me some albino marijuana
  10. Not tonna lie.

    It gave me joy every time I saw that plant. I have pics on my other pc somewhere, ill look around n see if i can them n post them here.

    One leaf was half white n half green like two face. Well thats what it made me think of! :D
  11. aha I'd love to see some pix if you can dig em up

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