strains that provide the most dense/hard buds

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  1. Was wonderin what strains provide the most dense/hard buds?

    And while im here im thinking about buying from sensi seeds, big buddha or greenhouse co, are they decent?

    thnk ya :cool:
  2. Apollo 11, tall pheno,not genius pheno, has the hardest nuggets i've grown or smoked.
  3. Your question isn't easily answered since there are differenct factors that can affect bud density (genetics, lighting, etc.). However, as a general idea indica dominant strains tend to produce smaller, denser buds and having plenty of light (at least 100w per plant) should get the results you're looking for. Hope that helps and good luck :smoke:
  4. Is it more of the actual strain you buy, or is it more of how you grow that really determines the bud's charactaristics? I'm guessing both but I don't know if it's one-sided or anything

  5. It's a sense at least. Even if you had a pure indica strain, you could still stress it through different environmental aspects (temps, lighting, etc.) and it could negatively alter the density and size of the bud structure.

    This is why the question is a little difficult to precisely answer....
  6. Genetics is the bigger factor for hard buds. The closer the bud to the light the harder that bud will be. I've grown some very fluffy indicas and some rock hard sativas, so don't believe it breaks down indica vs sativa.imo. At least not black/white. But, when i grow a strain that's dense budded, that's what it is, and if it's fluffy genetics, it's that. What i'm saying is you can absolutely find gentics that will give you hard bud and if it's genetic description is for fluffy bud, you'll have a time putting enough light on it to get it hard. Growing multiple strains at all times here so get a real sense for these issues.

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