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Strains in Amsterdam

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by donkey777, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Hey,
    My Friend and I have never smoked and are going across Europe.
    We will be in Amsterdam for about 4 days and of course we will smoke but we don't know what strain to choose?
    We were thinking about buying 1 gram and splitting it between the two of us as not to over do it, do you think this is a good decision or not?
    I was thinking maybe a sativa dominant hybrid, so to be able to function but not be overly high?

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    all I can say is if I was in Amsterdam for four days I'd be buying about a pound of weed. As far as strain, really depends on your preference, I'd go for half my weed being a strong sativa and the rest being an indica that will knock me on my ass. Are you planning on keeping your smoking in amsterdam or are you gonna bring it out of the country with you? A gram between the two of you over four days probly won't be enough, but you can always buy more when you run out. Do me a favor and post some pics and prices when you get there.
  3. Thanks man,
    Will do, We are going to Berlin after 'dam  and I hear German police are assholes so I think we'll keep it in Amsterdam only.
    How much do you think is the right amount (estimate) per day for a novice smoker?
    Also any reccomendations for coffeeshops? We were thinking Bulldog.
  4. i'd say about 5 grams between the two of you should last 4 days.
    the weed will put you on your ass for many hours considering you never smoked.
    strains aside, ask them for a hybrid ..get the best of both worlds.
    remember indica = sleepy, couchlock, stoney, lazy
    sativa= more trippy, energetic, funny thoughts
  5. LOL!!

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