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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by treeisformee, May 23, 2013.

  1. so i picked up this bud earlier today and the guy said it was diesel berry kush. im the kind of guy that likes to know what im smokin so i looked up and i couldnt really find any strains by that name. so im wondering if you guys can take a guess at what this might actually be. i tried taking a pic but it was horrible quality so im just going to describe it.
    appearance: its kinda dark green with an orangish hue to it and it has lots of trichomes and quite a few of those red hairs.
    smell: smells just like the name. a very pungent fruity smell with a diesel scent to it. makes my mouth water.
    high: i havent smoked any yet and i wont be for a couple days.
    nug: the nugs are relatively small but they are very dense.
    your guess is as good as mine so why not give it a shot?  :confused_2:

  2. We cant tell by pictures...bud is like a snow flake. My blue dream plant one season can look diffrent from the blue dream i grow the next. Sorry, in short i have no idea
  3. Ive never heard diesel berry kush in any collective ive been in so im guessing your dealers pushing names on you. When i buy pot i look,smell, and feel the nugs. Do i like the volume of bud are they dence are they stinky? If yes you got a nice bag of bud. I dont care about the name of it. I care if its an indica or sativa or a hybrid
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    @[member="rastaballer209"] oh well thanks. youre completely right, the name doesnt really matter just as long as its some good bud. im just curious haha i was hoping maybe someone might know a strain or two that smells fruity and would throw it out there.
  5. Fruity tootie but it was a strain my brothers friend bread. But the fruity taste maybe from genietics, or the nuitients the grower used.
  6. Its all good have fun blazin when you do
  7. Anyone knows from your description that it's durban poision.
  8. Oh how so?
  9. Sounds like your a new smoker so a word of advice, never trust what your dealer says when it comes to strains. Even if he's not lying to you on purpose who's to say his guy didn't lie to him and so on. If it's dank just smoke it and enjoy. :smoke:
  10. "A Rose by any other name will still smell the same."
    Of course the same also applys to feces.
  11. These threads are the cancer of grasscity. 

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