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Strain - "whip"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PEACE_ESKIMO, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Have any of you heard of this?

    supposedly it comes from a grower in detroit, and it is very popular there....

    has anyone from detroit gotten this before???? lots of red hairs and some white spots that could possibly be tricromes or mold.... hopefully not mold... doesn't look like it....
  2. Wait one sec, does it have hairs and trichromes?

    Yea, that's whip..
  3. hahahahah

  4. lmao mannnn. +rep that rlly made me LOL hard:hello::hello:
  5. lol yeah guess i worded that wrong...

    im just saying does anyone know if whip is a popular strain in Detroit????
  6. Whip is by flow kana in north cali. Mendocino. Motor city whip is a derivative but its rare out west. I got a clone of whip #5 from a homie up in portland oregon. Usually leans indica, heritage is blueberry grape ape and og. But flow kana cetainly has done many many whip strains and cross breeds. Big bushy plants one outdoor plant can give a half lb or more. cant speak to quality quite yet.

  7. OP is 9 years old dude lol

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