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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by budmann, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Looking for a strain for my next grow. It's going to be with blue hash which matures in about 55 days so looking for another photoperiod strain with a similarly fast flower time. For indoor grow, can't really do very high odor strains. Height/stretch not an issue as will be scrogged and/or LSTed. Quality more important than yield, open to kind of effect.

    Any recommendations?
  2. Where ya gettin them from? Whats your choices? If its just even flowering time then maybe go with ak47 or 48. Or pineapple chunk. Hear good things about it. Got a seed on standby. Lemon skunk? Violator kush? Trainwreck? Oo, a regular white widow. That would be cool to have a blue widow and white widow side by side.
  3. Going to be growing the new strain from seed. Have a cutting of blue hash that will use as a mother but usually grow a couple of strains at one time for variety so this will along side it.

    Seeing as I use the same tent for drying, I'm looking for a variety with similar flower time (~55 days).

    Due to neighbours, smell is an issue. Have an extractor and cabrón filter running but I hear that some strains are too much even if so.

    Are AK and WW (and white russian) not mega-stinky? Been avoiding these strains because heard so. Have grown white rhino and moby dick (ori. not #2), both WW crosses but had read that they don't smell so much.

    It's for my own use so yield isn't as important as quality of this one. Wondering what peeps recommend from personal experience.
  4. Not sure which strains but the white widow I had was stronger smelling in veggie than it was flowering best of luck

    Blue mystic isn't bad either
  5. blue moonshine

  6. top 44 short flower finished under 8 weeks
  7. Thanks guys. Have grown blue mystic a long long time ago, not tried blue moonshine or top 44. Will have a look into them.
  8. [quote name='"budmann"']Thanks guys. Have grown blue mystic a long long time ago, not tried blue moonshine or top 44. Will have a look into them.[/quote]

    Heard great things bout blue moonshine for potency.
  9. Have had some good experiences with dutch passion before. Maybe euphoria and blue mystic alongside the blue hash, might be a nice selection ;)

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