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Discussion in 'General' started by Jahshh, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. There's so many different types of weed and different strains out there. I'm curious to know everyone's favorite, or least favorite. Share what you want. Blaze up🍁

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  2. All Haze's are my favourite, I don't really have a least favourite unless the weed is messed with
  3. unless you live in a medical state and buy from a dispensary the names are usually bullshit.
    girl scout cookies is probably one of my favorites though. i live in FL but based on the description on Leafly i'm pretty sure it was GSC.
    honestly I don't even ask my dealer what the strain name is anymore. as long as it looks, smells, and smokes dank i really could care less.
    aren't the dispensaries just taking the word of the grower?
    I'd say unless you're growing your own seeds from a breeder, then you really can't be 100% sure..
  5. I guess that could be so. I know in Colorado a lot of the dispensaries have their own grow facilities and more than likely know the lineage of the plants they're selling.
  6. I believe my pack man calls it....

    That FIRE B)

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  7. AK47.. Think it was an auto the dude didn't label them when he chopped just threw them altogether. Honestly I think he told me that so I wouldn't ask about names but whatever. Smells like the online descriptions when broken up. Sour diesel and el alquimista are my other favorites.

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