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    help me with my baby pleeeease! shes (i say she cause ive spied a couple pistils, but i could be wrong!) been growing since about the beginning of may - no trimming or shaping or cuttings taken, she just grew all nice and straight and pretty like this all on her own ;) I want to say shes about 70days old and has just started showing signs of sex. here's a couple pics. it was a random seed in a bag - i can't remember if it came from GSC, trainwreck or a haze - any ideas? is she really starting to flower? i'm a virgin, sorry for the dumb questions :p
    i can take more pics if needbe, just let me know!


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    Nobody can tell you which strain, but what I can tell you is you have a healthy looking indica dominant plant growing. :smoke:
  3. Nobody is going to be able to accurately answer your question about what strain it is. It's a hybrid and if I had to guess out of the strains you listed, I'd say you're growing Trainwreck but that's nothing but a guess.

    It's a female, just a preflower for now, it's not in full blown flower yet. Are you growing outdoors?
  4. thanks! i figured i wouldn't be able to tell - first time growing so didn't know if there was a secret trick to it i.e. like the direction wisteria winds around a post, u can tell what strain.
    yes, I am growing exclusively outdoors in my own yard. in north texas. she seems to be doing well so far - should I be taking any precautions now that flowering has just barely started? switch to a phosphorus fert im guessing? are the trichomes going to be ok outdoors or will I need to move it somewhere to protect the buds? i do have sun sails up for shading the plants (i have a lot of veggies and what not) if the texas sun gets too hot, which it has been lately - getting up to the triple digits tomorrow supposedly.
  5. Indica dominant, not sativa.
  6. ahhh which one is it?!?
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    A it's a mix. I edited my post, because after looking back at the pic clearly it has indica traits, but it's a hybrid. If it's trainwreck, then it's for sure a hybrid so that would make sense.
  8. finally got hold of my guy....says its probably critical mass....i hope so!!! nom nom nom
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    The strain is stamped on the bottom along with the expiration date - right next to the barcode.
  10. :p haha
    didnt know if certain strains had telltale signs like, for example, wisteria - u can tell which strain it is by the direction it winds around things. im a noob, yeah yeah ;)

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