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Strain hunters! i guess Variety hunters didnt sound right.

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by Noam Chongsky, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I really enjoyed watching this series - thought you guys might :hello:

    [ame=]Strain Hunters India Expedition (FULL HD MOVIE) - YouTube[/ame]
  2. rough job they have, but someone has to do it. Very interesting country and culture. O hope to do something like that.
  3. Rough job?!

    I'd love that job!

    I sit in a white room testing scabby peoples urine all day.

    "Oh another urinal tract infection - yay "

    The highlight of my day is getting a vaginal swab that has some obscure parasitic amoebas on it - for me to look at.
  4. wish these guys would quit ruining LRS's...

    GHS are a bunch of hacks IMHO.
  5. Please explain Wharfrat74?

    They come across ad genuine people - I met Aryan in 2009 and he was hilarious.
  6. Im not sure if this is really off topic but there is an award winning documentary film which gives a more truthful perspective of this region and its people!
    Here is the trailer!
    [ame=]'Bom' Trailer - YouTube[/ame]
    Try and get hold of the Documentary if you can! I happened to meet the filmmaker at a music and FIlm festival in India recently where this was screened!

  7. Arjan is a salesman...he don't grow shit.

    The breeder that made all those cup winners quit..................

    Then the fuckwad goes" strain hunting", and while there he dilutes the genes he(we) wants by spreading his hermi prone fems AFTER he leaves......meanwhile 5 years after the first expidetion...we still have not seen a single African strain.....BUT A FULL SHIT TON OF ARJAN'S SELFPROMOTION.

    Don't be fooled..GHS is crap.
  8. india rocks
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    hermi prone?

    I've grown many of there strains and never once had a hermi

    DUTCH PASSION!!! on the other hand

    its as if they try to give you hermis

    Has anyone ever been to Srilanka?

    Some amazing purple varieties and great people/country

    Despite the trouble with"terrorists" - The only place i saw a gun was outside the US embassy.
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    The habit of our federal government in pissing people off makes it necessary for them to arm themselves. Quit pissing people in other countries off and maybe they wouldn't have to be armed. It's sad that We the People never get listened to unless we are a huge donating cry baby assed lobbyist.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    I would really like to visit that part of the world.

    As far as GHS goes ... no problems with my grows and no hermies, I think I have had about 5 grows with their beans. Consider the price, the beans are fairly priced. Are they better than than the high dollar beans, I doubt it but most of GHS stuff is good and acceptable, stay away from the PureKush, low yield and mid to less buzz. WW,Church,Trainwreck and White Rhino all real good.

    Every company needs a salesman, no salesman = no sales = no money = out of business. Never met any of the GHS people nor any breeder but that isn't a gaol of mine to begin with. I could tell the very first time I watched a HS video that Arjan was a 'sales dude' and it didn't really bother me. He might be full of shit and again he might not however they do have fairly priced beans.
  11. I think we become desensitized to people trying to sell us something on TV

    But like you say - we're aware of it

    Aren't the massive international companies (like the whole Nokia in the Congo thing) the real issue??

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