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Strain Guide Site

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Headie, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. oh yeah I know this site.....its good but the only problem is you have to know the name of the weed to read about the strain..... you cant browse in catagories.
  2. Awesome site, thanks man!
  3. I have a couple other strain guides for download, i know i've posted the links in the grow forum.
  4. yea ive memorized this site...but the pics compared to your own weed dont give justice, you cant smell the picture etc. and the bushdoc doesnt update for shit.
  5. Start growing 1 of every strain then scooby :p

  6. maybe i will then. will that satisfy your tongue out of smiley face? haha
  7. that site is cool man, thanks +rep
  8. they have a technique on how to roll a conical that I have not considered before. +rep
  9. Scooby, if you grew like 400 pot plants, i'd love you forever. But that still wouldn't stop me from wanting to knock you down and run off with them all !
  10. This site is amazing, though I now find myself very curious about hash. Daydreaming about living in Holland and trying all the different kinds this guy has. :smoking:
  11. amsterdam is an amazing place but i find that the bud and hash in coffee shops while good isnt as good as stuff i get here at home i mean im sure u could find it on the streets but i have yet to find a same strains as good there as here..
  12. Wow, this is really interesting.

    Thanks, +rep.
  13. Thanks for sharing that site Headie.

    Someone PM'ed me on some other marijuana forums and asked if he could use some pics I had taken of some plants in his site. I think it was called wikistrains, it works just like wikipedia but was about marijuana strains.

    EDIT: Found the address
  14. haha holy crap, I was about to post if anyone knew that site. I lost it and was trying to find it again

  15. very true

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