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  1. Hello I am new to this forum and I was wondering which strain to choose for an outdoor guerilla grow in Ohio (middle). I have read many guides on here about outdoor growing (Corto Malteze's grow guide and vitamin420's nutrient guide) and cannot seem to narrow down the strains. (I hope this is the right place to post this) After about a year or so of researching it here are some of the strains:
    ?Critical Sensi Star? ("so dense they don't absorb water") heard it has decent mold resistance/ great stone / classic strain / high yield
    DinaFem Moby hash- good mold resistance/ high yielding 
    DinaFem Moby dick- good mold resistance and hardy
    Greenhouse seeds The Church- good mold resistance up to 1.2 kilo yields
    Mandala #1- very mold resistant "best northern outdoor seed" high yields
    Satori- very mold resistant/ 26% thc / high yields
    Vision Seeds Auto AK-49 - strong auto/ hardy/ ?mold resistance?
    Pakistan Ryder- very strong auto/ good mold resistance / high yield+ early finish
    Dinafem Blue Widow- good mold resistance/ high yield / strong thc
    Northern lights- good mold resistance/ high yield / stealthy / strong thc
    Strain Hunters Money Maker- high yield/ strong thc / ?mold?
    (Kellogg Patio Plus is the medium, cheap $6 a bag + dyna grow nutrients)
    These are a few of the strains I've picked out and was wondering if anyone had any advice for which one to use because Ohio summers can be anywhere from bone dry to humid and rainy. 
    Thank you all in advance I know this is a great place and has many experienced growers. :hello:  :smoking:  

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    Well if your concern is mold from the possible humidity and rain, you're definitely going to want a strain that's very mold resistant...

    Other than that it's all personal preference man. Asking which strain is best for one person is like asking someone else what college to choose, or what kind of fruit juice to like. It's all up to you.

    If you want a very potent strain, go for high THC, go Sativa.
    If you want the added effects of CBD, go for an Indica strain, or Indica dominant.
    If you need to keep it low profile, look for a strain that doesn't get too tall.

    I think you get my point. Just ask yourself what you want from your herb, and then go from there.

    If you can't narrow it down to one strain, a lot of seed banks will have a "Pick and Mix" option, for example, where you can get like one feminized seed of GDP, one seed of Master Kush, and one seed of Girl Scout Cookies. Whatever strains you want.

    HOWEVER... Now that I actually read your list of strains, I'd personally recommend Satori and / or Northern Lights. But that's just based on what the herb does. I'm in Central Cali where the summers are brutal, regardless of details. So I wouldn't really be able to suggest anything based in growing conditions.
  4. Anything with big dense buds are going to be prone to mold no matter what you read on the seed info. Sativa Dom would be the way to go ,plants that have the genetics that are from these hot humid areas. Africa. Thai or Australia. Spain. Guerrillas gusto I heard is very good hardy grows very large , good yeild and good smoke.

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  5. Pick a set of 1 or two strains...(KUSH) "Fire OG kush" gets great THC/CBD/CBN %....  and Great resistance to Environmental conditions. And mold. etc. You have to keep the plant dry with plenty of wind(FANS)  and shake it dry after it rains... seriously shake that thing like a dog to get the excess water off... And Use a soil medium That contains EXTRA Perlite and EXTRA Hydroton Clay pellets.(Or similar size/texture) rocks.  Dont add a bunch of liquid ferts and juices if you have to worry about moisture/Humidity... Do a super soil Mixture of dry ingredients... and just water sparingly to keep the wetness down. add Sticks that can inject the water into a circle around your Soil medium. to reduce runoff. You can have a perfect grow if your willing to put in extra work to keep the wetness down, I believe in you bro.
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    Bamboos right. Mold is an issue with ANY strain if it rains and is cold enough, long enough. A sativa dom ( which you don't seem to have named) would be a better pick for several reasons....sativa do great outside at your latitude if you can get them in the ground sometime in middle May...earlier the better...The buds are a little more airy which doesn't hold water feeding mold....and the sativa high is just superior to an indica IMHO. If there are any drawbacks it would be that sativa don't usually produce the rock hard, dense buds today's stoners recognizer as dank....but they are, despite how they look...and it takes them a few more weeks to mature....but get in a harvest of Jack Herer, Claustrum, Acapulco Gold or Skunk #1 and you have some primo weed.

    Some of the strains you mentioned were developed for the cold wet of the Netherlands and would of course do better in the warmer, drier Ohio....but bud density is actually a negative factor in regards to mold....and no bud is " water resistant " no matter how dense...In fact dense buds hold more water longer.
  7. Wow thank you all for your insight. Sorry I was at school and couldn't consistently check the thread. I am now shifting my strains and looking for more saliva dominant strains. The reason why I chose those strains is because many were said to have high mold resistance. Is northern lights a good choice i heard that it has decent yield and mold resistance?
  8. Sorry did not read your full post before replying BloodBooger now i am thinking about jack herer as i think that is what my dealer supplies lol
  9. I've heard growers say the Church was the worst strain they ever grew.

    The critical Sensi however should be great for your needs. My we could call them apprentices in growing grew it last year for their second year growing and did great. Sensi is supposed to be strong and early flowering and critical is a cash cropper strain. High yielding tough plant. Just stake up the heavy buds so they don't tip over.
  10. I think next summer I will grow critical sensi star and jack herer. I was wondering if I should order from greenhouse seeds because i have heard many bad things about them and their strains (just buying jack from them; take there strains with a pail of salt?)
  11. Jack Herer is very hit and miss. A friend grew out eldorado from nirvana and it was a great plant. Very potent and good yield sativa.i will be giving it a go next season for sure.

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  12. I live in jersey and have the same problems with mold, I would recommend anything that finishes before October, I did purple maroc last season and it finished end of September
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    youve heard wrong..its not nothing tasty like a sour diseal/or kandy kush but its a monster producer and super mold resistant and it will get u stone u..
    Yo NN u should look aslo  into biddy early,serious 6,belladonna,easy sativa,purple maroc,frisen dew,sweet purple,early skunk,durban posion,critical yumboldt and blue berry headband just to name a few all these have the quailities that u will just below u in my guerilla staple strain that always does awesome is delahaze..its a monster producer,super mold resistant,great flavor and potency is great..on top of all that its a breeze to is the delahaze these pics was taken on sept 20th and its always done for me 1st week of oct at 37.5 n lat

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  14. what up my fellow ohioan? Figured I would throw some strains out there for you, after alot of research and talking with some successful ohio growers i ordered dina fem moby dick, blue widow, l.s.d., sleestack, blue dream, sour kush. I know people who have had huge success with pineapple chunk, sour diesel, williams wonder, A.k., blueberry, bubble gum, northern lights. Oh and if you want to order seeds definetly go
    With gorilla seed bank! They have taken very very good care of me, make sure you pay for the stealth because I had a couple orders snagged at customs in Chicago but as long as you pay for the guarantee the gorilla will send it till you get it.
  15. In ohio also doing first outdoor grow this year happy hunting guys:)

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