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  1. Hey all!
    So im currently in the market for a new strain and wanted some advice from my fellow GC peeps. I need a high yielding, 8 week potent strain(preferably indica for a shorter plant but hybrid might work out) I need the quantity without compromising quality. I have been researching for weeks and need your help to make the final decision. I would like a strain with good bag appeal as i do bring in my extra meds to certain collectives. So vote to help me find a keeper! im open to other strains i did not list as well! thanks in advance!
  2. Also i wanted to add that im trying to reach the g/watt with some high quality meds. Im running c02 with a 1000w on a track, with DWC and aero. Im going to be running the scrog method as well. Any input appreciated!
  3. I just got this cool lookin strain from my local seed guys.

    Juicy Fruit x Northern Lights x Skunk
    Indoor only
    7 to 9 weeks flowering period

    Juicy Fruit gives this strain the stinky smell and the Northern Lights give it a heavy Indica kick. This is a very potent plant and the best Indica strain we have. You will see very little branching unless you prune the tops: long, tall colas which keep growing and getting stickier until harvest. A distinctive fragrance of lemon and [​IMG]mint with lots of ‘skunky' odours. A very energetic ‘up' high for the daytime use or active lifestyles. High potency and a quick acting Sativa feeling. 1st Generation seed (F1).

    Three parents? We've bred the best qualities from THREE strains to produce these potent seeds. You'll grow heavy Indica-influenced plants from its Northern Lights & Skunk parentage, with an excellent Sativa finish from the cross-strain Juicy Fruit. These seeds are noted for big, big yield, sticky buds, and wonderfully smooth smoke. These plants bush out very well. All of the three strains are cross-pollinated so you are getting the best of three worlds!

    ~ HappyGirl Seeds - Toronto 420
  4. seems like a great strain! Could anyone else vote on these strains please!! help me out! thanks guys
  5. Carmelisous is 450gram yield... 8-9 weeks. And its one the best on the planet:) I believe it won the high times tourney not to far back. I currently have a 50% carma, 25% other HB, 25% other HB I think is worthey of selling to a seed bank.
    And im actually looking to trade with someone for pure carma's or another pure HB.
  6. what do you guys/gals think i should go with? NLxBig bud seems to be winning but how do you think the quality is of it?? any more votes? :D
  7. Greenhouse seeds go for the Doctor 900gm2 plus or the Big Bang 800gm2 i prefer the Doctor Arjan & Franco know there shit check youtube to see them grow the strains i,m sure you,ll like in the meantime i,m off for a Joint of the finest O.G KUSH l8tr da Budbhoy
  8. Nothern Lights is a good grow real simply and easy and it has a nice, also Ak-47 I know you dont have it listed but you should check into its an easy grow as well with an amazing yield!
  9. Thanks for the help! i went with Seedbays 4 pack weedend special from nirvana. I chose Northern Lights x Big Bud, Ak-48, Master Kush and Papaya! Im so excited, ill start the GJ when i get em!
  10. Personally I would have chosen the GHF Big Budda. Greenhouse has great genetics, I've only had awesome results with them. Glad you made a choice though, good luck!
  11. i dunno i was really excited for the cheese but i heard a lot of bad reviews on it, and heard it was nothing like the real uk cheese and mainly afghan dominate..:rolleyes:
  12. you could not be more wrong. I have smoked the cheese on multiple occasions and it is absolutely fantastic! both indoor and greenhouse, i happened to like the outdoor flavor a bit more! good luck:smoking:
  13. white widow isnt that bad of a yeilder
  14. Greenhouse seeds feminised The Doctor Yeild 1200gram or try the big bang 1000gram per m2 all the best bud enjoi p.s The Docs a killer they both are check it out there on youtube aswell
  15. Sannie's Herijuana.
  16. Well that is great to hear! i never did question the quality of the smoke, more so the authenticity of it being similar to the uk cheese. But i have heard a few good things about it so i may try it in the future! thanks!

    On another note...From the strains i purchased from seedbay(nirvana) which ones do you guys have experience with or have heard good things about? They were Papaya, Master Kush, Ak-48 and Big Bud x NL
  17. Or if time is not a factor Sannie's Jack F5 is the strongest and heaviest plant I have grown.

  18. cheese was the best bud i smoked all summer, amazingly balanced high, has a good flavor.
    oh and get the NL big bud. not only do they not get past 3 1/2 ft but they yeild what some plants twice that size yield...I am getting so,e, and some purple widow:cool:
  19. thanks rollinghippie and dreamtheater! ya i went with the Big bud x NL and i hope i get some great quality and yield!
  20. I had a great experience with cali orange, mostly sativa i think it's 60/40 but great yeilder and very easy grow

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