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  1. is anybody pissed about the whole straightedge thing? i mean i dont care if sombody stays sober for their lives but when people call it a lifestyle and get pissed if other people do it just seems like a giant cry out for attention to me. why do people do this? half the world doesnt smoke or do drugs or drink and 95% of them probably dont call it a "lifestyle" i dont get how anybody can seriously call it a lifestyle when a lifestyle is like being gay or being a stoner even. i just made this post because i lost a friendship to sombody ive known for 10 years because hes edge =/ i just dont understand what the whole point is
  2. If you guys lost your friendship cause you smoke weed and he had a problem with it then he wasnt really your friend in the first place. He was jsut trying to change you...
  3. that sucks you lost your friend i have a friend that turned edge a year or 2 ago but we still chill all the time but he does get a little preachy on drugs which is a little annoying but yeah i think edge is fucking retarded why does there have to be a label on it?
  4. i know thats the thing i hate about it is the label. thats why it seems like a cry out for attention to me because they put a label on themselves for the stupidest thing
  5. yeah its a little odd to put a label on it, its like they're trying to separate from everyone, and be above it. and your totally right about there being lots of people who don't do drugs or anything that don't run around being all edge.
    Like i can't imaging a rabbi walking around with X's on his hands, or a priest for that matter, or like any of my high school teachers, or my grandmother.

  6. Straightedge is an actual group. A gang if you will. Most that sport the straightedge lable aren't violent but a select few will kill you for doing drugs or whatever else they're against.
  7. I'm fine with people being straightedge, I just don't like it shoved down my throat. It really pisses me off when people start lecturing me about smoking weed. You're not gonna change my fucking mind, just stop trying.

  8. I saw your grandma with sXe tatooed on her forearms. True story.
  9. Exactly what I was going to say, I agree completely
  10. Ian Mackaye didn't intend for it to be a "lifestyle" when he wrote the song "Straight Edge". This "movement" has deviated a lot from what it started as.

    Personally, I think it is lame to be defined by using drugs or not using drugs. If usage, or abstinence from drugs is the most interesting, defining aspect of your personality, you're lame in my eyes. But, for the most part, I don't care what you do with, or don't do with your body.
  11. i know this dude who is straight edge, even has a tattoo on his wrist, straightedge about sex too, i don't care if people dont do drugs but i dont like the idea of calling you not using that.
  12. definitely agree:hello:
  13. Yeah i agree with you man. I'm cool with and respect people for making their own choices, in this case not to do drugs, but i think its just kinda corny in a way that they call it that and they do make it a big enough deal as if they were a subculture. I mean they really arent, if anything they're conformists and just general population because the majority doesnt use drugs.

    They are just really into non doing drugs hahah so are we CROOKED-EDGE:confused:
  14. lmao i never thought of that. mabye stoners should start calling themselves bent edge or somthing. put circles on our hands or somthing :D
  15. uh what does that mean??:rolleyes:
  16. Out of Step

    (i) don't smoke
    don't drink
    don't fuck
    at least i can fucking think
    i can't keep up (x3)
    out of step with the world

    by Minor Threat

    People interpret it differently, so take "don't fuck" however you want. Ian Mackaye is adamant that the song is not "a set of rules", so keep that in mind.
  17. straight edge is pretty much people who don't use, drink, or have casual sex. Their purity is what they are so proud of. Frankly, I'm cool with people choosing that path. My brother has been into it since he started listening to Minor Threat back when he was in High School. However, he doesn't care nor try to tell me to quit smoking. He knows about my past of using a lot of other drugs as well, and never cared to comment. Most straightedge folk I know are like that. They're cool with what you choose so long as you're cool with what they have.

    Also on the subject of what to call ourselves, I submit that we use protractor. We're not a straight edge, but rather have a well respected and needed curve.
  18. hmm, I would submit parabola, because we all have our ups and downs
  19. That is good thinking.
  20. straight edge is just a term for people with no game (joking...kinda)
    in my opinion, living straight edge isnt living life.
    you can do what you want and thats fine with me...if you enjoy being plain, bland, and my guest. But I certainly dont wanna hang out with you, and my guess is not a lot of other people will either.
    All the straight edge kids who I thought would be a lot cooler if they just took a puff, were a lot cooler when they just took a puff. And all the kids who didnt, are still plain bland and boring

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