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  1. got a 12/12 seed from start going on right now in my latest journal and so far I am impressed. Topped & LST'd in the 3rd week of flowering and she bushed the hell out. I think i am going to have a descent little harvest off this girl. Only weird thing is that now from the super stretch she is starting to throw off only 1 and 2 blade leaves. Kinda weird. Should straighten out after the stretch is done.
  2. gotta give props to old school grower! taking shortcuts to get as much weed as fast as possible has totally ruined weed forever and made it impossible to get the only thing worth smoking at all as far as i'm concerned, sativas unless you live in the right part of california or know a rare connoisseur grower. i haven't been able to buy a single bud i truly liked in over 20 years because of that fucking annoying "need as much weed as i can get yesterday" shit.

    agree with the sentiment that autoflowering strains are watered down by ruderalis

    agree that feminized plants are an abomination that prevent growers from breeding properly and are probably why so many are getting hermies out of their bag seed. feminized plants like to turn hermie. that's where the seeds are coming from... tranvestite plants fucking themselves in the ass! LOL

    the entire weed scene would be a lot better if the first word EVERY grower would say is QUALITY.
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    its not worth the time. veg for as long as possible even a week or two is better then nothing.
  4. How many grows have you done from 12/12? Of course a week or two is better than none. Thats a gimme but i disagree with it being a waste. If its for personal use and your not a heavy smoker than your yield should be plenty. Look at my grow i have going now and that little beast is 12/12 from seed.

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