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  1. Anyone know of any decent yielding/tasting strains that I can veg for very little time,like maybe one week or less? Im trying to stay away from autoflowering...I have alot of extra light that is not being used...1000 watts on 3 plants trying to up my yield a little bit to have some extra smoke instead of wasting all those lumens.
  2. Why not cut some clones from your present plants and once they are rooted just throw them str8 into flowering. I have done method a couple times w/ clones about 4 inches, they grow to be 8-12 inches and form one main cola. You can fit about 2 per sq ft using 1 gl pots or bags and yield, depending on strain, about 8-15 gms per cut.

  3. +1

    I have done the same with NL#5.

    Cuttings rooted in 9 days, 8 days of vegging. Packed em in 3 per square foot and got appx. 30g's per square foot.

    Is a good/quick way to make use of "wasted" light.

  4. These are supposed to be the best 12/12 strain seeds. Compact (2' tall) high yield (350-600 grams per plant) I am abou t to order them and give it a try....
  5. I cant cut any clones because I added all the clones I had to my light,using a 1000 watt hps system on 12/12 and decided to keep the room completly light proof
  6. So you want to veg. seedlings for a week then throw into flowering? Will never work.

  7. Yes it works, but the resulting yield is very small and IMO not worth it.
  8. That's what I meant when I said it would not work.

    I planted some seeds VERY late in the season a few years back. Ended up with 2 sprouts that I grew on my porch. They pretty much went straight into flowering and each produced about half a bowl.

  9. Well i have alot of extra light and am growing indoors not outside(dunno if thats what your talking about?) Just wanna use up some extra light....I dont understand how I would get a half a bowl under a 1000 watt light even if veg was very short...
  10. Find some pics of some week old seedlings. You see that they are still pretty damn small.

  11. I read a guy say you should wait till there 6 inches tall
  12. Well... What if it's a stretched seedling?

    Just wait until if has at least 4 leaf sets.
  13. If you don't let it grow a certain amount you won't get a good yield no matter HOW much wattage you throw at it.
  14. ^this.

    You can't grow buds with no stems.

    Vegging=growing stems.
  15. And roots.
  16. Yeah.

    Underground stems.:eek:

  17. Unfortunately it seems more and more that people today just want quick fixes.



    Case in point is autoflowering strains. They suck. All of them do, yet kids today think they are the shit because they require far less skill to grow a few buds with. They are a pox upon the growing community and if I could go back in time and stop the person who first successfully crossed Ruderalis with Sativa/Indica breeds from doing so I would, but I digress...

    You get out of it what you put into it. If you put your plants into flower too soon you'll get a small yield. Period.
  18. I don't have any experience with autos. But, I've always been interested in growing them along-side with some normal plants, just to have something to smoke before harvest.

  19. Without exception they lose potency due to the breeding of ruderalis into the mix. If I could wave a magic wand and erradicate all of the autoflowering strains I would do it in a hearbeat. Biggest disaster to commercial genetics ever.
  20. haha

    I'm sure they aren't as potent, and probably taste strange, but they seem pretty convenient/neat to mess with. But growing them as your main plants would be stupid.

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