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  1. What do you fellow growers feel about straight in jar after harvest? No hang time at all...strictly jar curing? I'm trying a buds as we speak .:rolleyes:

  2. im experimenting with that method myself with a 1/4

  3. MOLD MOLD and more MOLD. Let them dry out first.
  4. You got to rid the cellulos'e of water or you attract spores....'I' mean bud mold
    but as I'm testing common baking soda on bud mold right now cool!
  5. I've been burping quite often so I'm.not.worried about mold forming.

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  6. i was going to say the EXACT same thing lol mold mold and more mold is the first thing that popped into my head.
  7. If you live someplace really dry.. say Nev, Az, So Cal, and part of your harvest is really fluffy popcorn buds.. and your drying someplace smoking hot like an un-insulated garage @ 140 degs.. Then I might be jarring as fast as a day or 2 and watching my hygrometer in the jar like a hawk... Been there and done this...
    Caution is advised.. moldy weed is a stone bitch..

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