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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Belfast_toker, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. Me and my mate alister went into town one weekend , my parents were away so i had a free house. Anyway we went to my dealers house and bought a half ounce of hash and a £20 deal of speed. We went back to my house and smoked some of the dope out of my bong and did a few lines of speed . I was so wasted that at about 2 in the morning went to the artificial ski slope near me and rolled about on it for an hour or so. we then went to our local shop and bought some more skins. I was wasted as we had a half bottle between us as well as a few beers. and when i took somemore speed i started stammeriing... what the fuck was wrong with me any way we went to a bar later on and i couldnt stop shaking apperently i was like having a fit ....i think im gonna give up speed

  2. a very very good idea.

    the real horror stories i've heard from my friends who take (or used to take) that shit.... eeeeeeek!
    no friggin way! that shit is eeeeevil!
  3. smart move. i stay away from any place, situation or people who do speed or any other hard drugs. the risk is too great, and the unknowns numerable. the cops could bust in the door at any time. the speeders could freak and attract attention.

    there is a reason why i have been tokin for over 12 years and not got cought once. ever. that is caution and control. and i plan to toke for an eternity more :) prison or gutter life really doesn't fit into that plan.

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