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was your first high a great experience?

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    My fiance has always told me weed isn't as bad as everyone says. There no addiction, no negative side effects, and have good benefits over all. He always talks about it whenever the subject came up and I always argued with him that it's not something someone should do constantly if it's not medical. Even so, why purposely get high if it's so disorienting you can't function right? One day a old friend of his is in town and wants to go see him. out of nowhere he mentions his friends mom always makes her husband weed deserts for his pain. He mentions this cause lately I've been stressed and nervous and thought having some would help me chill out before I get a serious seizure (I was freaking out so bad I was basically having a panic attack). I said yes only cause I really felt like I was going crazy and if this was the safest way to calm me down, than fine. he comes back from his visit with a bag of brownies and a bag of cookies. He needed to go to work and told me to wait for him to get home so he can supervise me in case anything bad happens when the weed kicked in. I tried playing games online to get my mind off while I waited but couldn't wait, my panic attack was worsening and needed something now before I loose it. I decided to pick the cookie to eat as brownies aren't my type of deserts. After consuming the entire cookie I looked up the estimated time of when I would feel anything (note, this is my first time getting high on anything so I had no idea what to expect). My fiance came home but decided not to tell him ate a cookie as nothing was happening. I assumed maybe I ate a regular cookie and was suppose to eat the brownie. 30min after his arrival I'm finishing my game and suddenly I'm feeling something. I wasn't sure what it was, I thought maybe it was another panic attack, but the feeling started getting uncomfortable. I turn off the computer and jump into bed relaxing to calm down (my fiance is leaning against the bed playing his ps4) It got worse to the point I thought I was having a sezuire because it felt EXACTLY like one but I was still consious. Next thing I know I'm starting to worry and become paranoid. I was embarrassed to tell my fiance that I ate a cookie but by the time I decided to, I suddenly couldn't focus right. Still feeling embarrassed I asked him to pass me a note pad to write in it. By the time I figure out how to hold a pencil, I basically forgot how to write English. in short baby sentences I write down I ate a cookie, how I felt like I was having a seizure, and other werid thing I wasn't aware of writing. I pass it to him and I hide my face behind a pillow while I was peeking to the side to see how he reacted. Suddenly, my fiance jumps up onto his knees and stares me in the face saying "how much did u eat?" By his sudden reaction I got scared and hid into my pillow. Of course baby me said to him "no, I won't tell you cause than you'll get mad at me". he kept promising he would and I kept repeating the same thing. After what seemed like 10min, I finally tell him I ate 1 entire cookie. Of course he did get a little upset as supposely I was only meant to eat half of that cookie. I accidently ate a 100mg thc! o.o Here's the kicker, once I told him, he started laughing at me and started asking me how I felt as the feeling of being high got intense. He asked how I was feeling and I felt like I was floating. than I felt like my bed was a cloud and as soft as a goat (which I meant sheep). he asked if I was a "don't give a f***" feeling. And yes I was feeling that. all my anxiety and problems in the world disappeared and started smile and laughing. My fiance was very entertained by "high me" he couldn't stop joking around and asking me questions. After a while he started flirting with me and I couldn't understand at first why he was doing so. After he while he climbed into bed with me and pinned me down and started making out with me. I asked him what's with the sudden moves and told me that me getting high was one of his things on his bucket list to see >\\\< wasn't expecting that. Now idk about you people but having sex while high is the most amazing thing to do. it's 10x more euphoric and intense. Now at this point I walk talking nonsence on random things I don't remember. I couldn't tell story without forgetting or jumping subjects. After a while I asked my fiance that I was too messed up to even comprehend the night that he might as well tell him his secret desires since I'll probably forget the next day. He did, and boy was that something I was prepared for, but not against. Sadly I can't remember the rest of my night. For almost the 72 hours I was high.

    So tell me the first time you got high. I'd like to look back on this when in high so I have something entertaining me and make me laugh uncontrollably, it fun laughing at the simple things in life.
  2. Good to hear it went well, best of luck on your cannabis adventures!
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