Story of the Ages

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  1. --Boy meets girl
    --Boy smokes weed
    --Girl has been raised and brainwashed to think that weed is some terrible drug that is completely useless.
    --Boy is forced to convince her otherwise

    Yeah, thats about as far as i've gotten so far...I think I almost had her at one point in the conversation, but she still isn't on board. This is how a little bit of it went...

    Girl: Its just dumb and there's no point to it
    Me: What something you like to do?
    Girl: I like to dance and quitting was probably the worst thing i ever did.
    Me: Just so we're on the same page, it sounds like you're pretty passionate?
    Girl: yea
    Me: Well what would you say to someone who said that dancing was stupid and a waste of time if they'd never danced a day in their life.
    Girl: But thats different, dancing is good for the mind, body, and the soul!
    Me: Who are you to say that weed isn't good for the mind, body, and soul?
    Girl: Who are you to say it is?
    Me: Hahahaha, Clearly if you're asking me that you don't know me at all. Marijuana has been clinically proven to help treat many diseases, including forms of cancer. Countless people use it spiritually, and countless others use it to help them focus and work more efficiently.
    Girl: Clearly we just live very different lifestyles, and so far i don't really know you. Why do you care so much about what I think anyway? It's not like I think you're a bad person...
    Me: No, but you think weed is bad and you think less of me for smoking it...besides would you rather i not care what you think?
    Girl: No, but i just don't see why you care so much
    Me: Well maybe you left a bigger impression on me than I thought and I can't really help it ;)

    Anywho, she's takin' a liking to me so I think she'll come around here shortly. I just haven't been given the chance to really show her what's up with weed. I asked her if she's ever smoked and she said she smoked a hookah, but that was tobacco at a hookah bar. But I'm not even pressuring her to smoke and she knows that, just trying to lay down the facts so that she can make her own decision based on what's true, not some government propaganda bullshit.

    Go Cannabis!
  2. Sounds like my woman, I tell you man, you can never win an argument with them, so just save your time bro, haha.
  3. actually if you keep going
    i think you might "show her the light"

    and also hit that
  4. SPark up infront of her, she'll get curious. :D
  5. hmm a classic love tale aye.

    i say let her be. i mean if she wants to smoke then you should be first on line to smoke her out. But sometimes people just don't want to do it. just gotta respect the choice.
  6. He's not trying to get her to smoke, just trying to get her to not think less of him for doing it......says it in the last couple of lines of the post......

    Anyways, keep it up, sounds like she might be coming around.....maybe whe she learns it not as bad as they say, she'll wanna try?? If she does, have her hit it.....then maybe you can:p

  7. oh my bad i was stoned at the time of that post. heh well in that case. just toke one day and be with her and be all nice and cool and sweet. then if you can work up the courage be like, "so have a good time(or something like that)" then she will be like "yah" then just be like "oh well i was stoned the whole time" this also could be a horrible idea.
  8. hahaha, I'm loving all the "let her hit it, then maybe u can" talk...has me rollin'

    But nah, I already promised i wouldn't spark up any of my own around her, but if we were at a party or something and i got passed to, i wasn't plannin on passing up the chance for a free hit.

    But yeah, she seems like the type of girl that'll come around in due time...

    All in due time
  9. keep it up bro maybe she will smoke with u one of these days i have a cople of girls that where anti drugs to smoke so ir possible:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  10. yeah no shit even when they are dead wrong they still think they are right and then i will usualy just cave and say "i guess your right" oh yeah to all the girls here:D:smoking:

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