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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SparcoevoMr, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. This weekend meaent alot to me, can U say it,im coming bacj from N EXTREMLY haert waing time,my bestt friend just tied im dobbing my eyes out as we speak,today was a very honorable day as we speake,and a day we'll never forget;today my friend bo had his final resting.nd even though i may not be sober at heart,my payers are with u nd me family,i hope every taht attened yout funeral feels tha sanw way....i love you bo sawyer,you'll always be remembered by everyone yiu love,illl see you sooonn in heaven my dear brother,god bless the derad

    this nextt pinnapple hit I
    :hippie::hippie::gc_rocks::gc_rocks::gc_rocks::gc_rocks:s for ya brotha :((((
  2. ok....either i'm realllllllllly baked or..
    your sentences made NO sense
  3. this guys sooo stoned lol
  4. I'm sorry for your loss, SparcoevoMr, hopefully it gets easier for you and his family in the days to come.
  5. i am sorry for your loss and also your lack of education on sentance structure/grammar.
  6. Sorry for your loss brotha, and I'm also sorry that everyone in this thread is being a dick, they could show some respect.
  7. Sentence dude, if you're gonna go grammar Nazi on him do it right.

    Anyways, sorry for your loss OP :(
  8. Haha every thing is stizzo,i have grammer structure, but at the time,it really didnt matter to me,
  9. oooooooooooooop i dun goofed :(
  10. i kno somebody with the exact same couldn't be him....sorry for your loss brah..hope he's flyying highh
  11. it seems you have not really moved coursework help away from his stormy weekend

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