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  1. I'll make this part short for you. My best friends mom is moving in a week, we started some plants in some rubber maids, his mom found them before she moved. We were supper bummed because we had to get rid of them. Lucky for me I knew some people that ended up being MORE Than happy to hold them for us, but build us a grow room behind a false wall. The wife will be getting her MMJ card here soon and I'm teaching them the basics of everything I know, hopefully one day becoming there caregiver :)

    I only have pictures of when I first started it off and just build the box.
    The largest plant turned male and gave that to a friend, they are growing it in there reptile aquarium for hoots and hollers.

    Two are called "Movie Bud" as my other friend calls it. It's sposed to have nice small bowl sized dense dense buds.
    There are 5 other that planted on the 31st, these ones are some Thai x Skunk.
    Going to be setting up one hydro bucket with a clone from some Violator Kush from a local grower.
    I will be posting pictures probably tomorrow night and keep updating from now on.

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