StormTrooper pipe

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by eX-d, May 14, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]
    its pretty danm cool for just being a pipe, thought i should share~
  2. thats a pretty nifty concept.
  3. Sweet! I'm a huge Star Wars fan.
  4. nice one ,who made it,pics are blurry,thanks for sharing,peace LEAR
  5. You wrap your hand around his detailed body, put you mouth on his head, and then light his gun?

    I'm not exactly seeing how it works
  6. looks like you pack the gun and rip from the back of his head. cool piece. i esp like the 'targeting visor'
  7. Bad ass for sure
  8. is the artist ghost ??? if so he is the shit i love his aliens holding other aliens decapitated heads while he smoking out of them
  9. Fuckin' awesome.

    'Nuff said.
  10. yes, actually your are seeing exactly how it works :hello:

    but ya thx everyone, the artist's name on the piece is Mako, he blows glass for a local shop in Houston called the BC.

    @ m6a6t6t : maybe he has other names but i have seen his other pieces some of which are aliens and octopus so maybe...
  11. Haha this thing is wicked awesome :D
  12. That's a clone trooper, not technically a storm trooper.

    God I'm a geek.
  13. whoa~! technically your right, but then again that creates a whole new mess of explaining things to people so i call it a storm trooper lol, but ya you should win a cookie or something:hello:
  14. Huazzay

    I know what you mean though, the average person would look at you like :eek::confused: Hell even my friends would do that :D

    As an aside I'm stoned off me face. :smoke::wave:

    That's a great piece even if you wanted to call it something ridiculous and not even Star wars related.
  15. That is totally b'dass, dude! Fuck yeah!


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