storms :)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MariJane402, May 11, 2011.

  1. it is storming like crazy where i am.
    the last few days were so hot, and now this beautiful violent storm.

    dude this storm and king of the hill is on? awesome night.
  2. Storms are awesome. Especially when youre high and its a really loud one. Really gets the blood pumping haha
  3. yeah it was like that here too... very hot days and last night it rained a shitload and ii liked it :)
  4. Big storm rolled through where i am at about 1am last night. I couldnt fall asleep till after 2 because the thunder was so loud and it was non stop. I love storms though.

    My favorite is blazing in the afternoon in the summer and watching a GOOD thunder storm roll through. One that only rains like 30 min but comes in with a good bit of wind and lots of bad ass clouds and some powerful thunder.
  5. Norton, Ks....did the same thing today and I love storms but it only lasted like 30 mins. :(
  6. 80 and sunny not a cloud in the sky... fuck yeahh going to get my fair skin all greek like meow.

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