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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by isis_420, Jul 6, 2002.

  1. last night i saw the best storm to date. a tornado!!!! it was 5kms out on the lake/islands, but i still got a wicked view.

    we had just finished smoking 2 fatties, when i looked out to see this awesome cloud. we went out to get a better look at this cloud, and my neighbors were outside too. she's like, thats a tornado, like it happened everyday or something. lol it was massive and you could see the clouds being sucked in, but not really a funnel like you would see on tv. and the sky was all weird colored. it was thunder and lightening throughout the whole time, long before it reached us, and long after the strom was out of sight.

    at one point it looked like two clouds were meeting to form a new funnel right over my house!! that's when my heart started to try to get out of my chest!!! what a rush :D thats when the rain started, too. it just poured, almost to the point where you couldn't see for the rain.

    once the storm moved out, the sun came out (it was maybe 8 or 9 pm). the sun lit up the clouds like fire, and you could see the tornado pulling and sucking the clouds after it. i took a roll and a half of film. hopefully something comes out.

    we're going tonight to look at the damage. this is the second tornado to strick up here, ever. and i live in northern saskatchewan. not exactlly where you'd expect to see a twister. that's ok by me though. i LOVE storms/ natural disasters.....:D
  2. Storms are wicked for sure! We have tornado's here alot during the year.

    I don't love storms or natural disasters. Ytoo many lives are lost. There are to many people here that have lost all they have worked for because of NATURAL disasters.
  3. critter, that is what i meant. sorry if it sounded bad, but i like the disaster, NOT the damage and losses. they are just fantastic and awesome. makes you really think about the strength of Mother Nature and the Earth itself. how life is so fragile and dependent on the weather, so easy to succumb to whatever comes its way, so quick to recover. makes you realise how very alive everything is, how very connected. from the ashes grow great gardens.
  4. A tornado is a very rare event! I lived in the area dubbed "tornado alley" and yet I've only seen three in my lifetime.

    Yes, people and homes do get destroyed. But the power of one is just beyond words or pictures. I like to think of them as a little reminder of who's really running things around here.
    It's mama. As in nature.

    It's good to see another appreciater of storms around here!

    I love them!
  5. Being able to watch that power was giddy. being high helped of course!! lol just amazing how something you can't see (wind) can be so powerful and destructive without even knowing it is happening. maybe....
  6. I live in kansas, tornados happen all the time. but my house has never been hit by one.

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