Storming Area 51

Discussion in 'General' started by Headhunterpipes, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Been over a million people who said they will storm area 51 on 9/20/2019 .
    storming area 51 september 20 - Saferbrowser Video Search Results
    My personal thoughts are I would like to video the event maybe ! but what happens if it turns violent .
    The security is done by a private security company , my guess is they are all at one time served in the armed services .
    And are willing to do they're jobs ..
    I not willing to put my faith in some merc's ethic's that he wont waste me or just shoot me in the ass for kicks and grins if I was trespassing .
    The camel duds have been putting up with all these idiots trying sneak in on the base for decades.
    I cant help to think that some of those camel dudes wouldn't like to have the green light on wasting a few people .

    I am not sure if it would be safe to even be there ,not trespassing but just videoing the event .
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  2. It sounds like a party
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  3. Oh yeah, Bigfoot will be making a special appearance as well.
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  4. That sounds like a terrific idea;
    "Let's go over-run a secret government facility"
    WHO think this up?
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  5. And we’ll advertise
  6. And those dirty, stinkin' mercenaries will just step aside... they don't work for their money.
    Dissing security personnel is not .....
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  7. What’s Area 51?
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  8. Me thinks the state and federal government will be shutting this get together down .
    It would be a cool party if no one gets stupid .
    What's the chances of not one person out of a crowd of 1.2 million people partying not getting stupid ?
    Does everyone think that none of those people will not be armed ?

    Cant tell me that the security or the extra security they will be brining in that not one of those bone heads isn't a real psychopath.....

    It would be cool to really see something or someone from another planet.
  9. Not going to happen.
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  10. Already stormed it, there's nothing in there. Its a decoy facility.
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  11. Play stupid games win Stupid Prizes. If people actually do follow thru I am sure they will be dealt with accordingly and they will all complain about it afterwards playing the victim!
  12. The aliens live in Dayton, Ohio, at boring
  13. Nothing at Area 51 but new airplane prototypes and trigger happy guards than can’t wait to f*** up some conspiracy theorists that think it’s a good idea to storm a top secret military base.

    When the sign says “use of deadly force authorized” that’s when I check out.

    But good luck. I’ll watch vicariously through the power of the internet and social media
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  14. It's where they test secret aircraft. Storming it is a good way to end up in prison. They will shoot you to keep America safe. Also, 1 million people? I doubt it. And even if they did storm it I am sure they have access controls so that any idiot cannot get into sensitive areas of the base.
  15. These people saying they about to storm the place are not brave enough to storm out of there own house I bet lol. Even if they were they would be killed or arrested by the military anyway. They acting like its some brand new idea an hasn't been tried before lol smdh.

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  16. Ah it's just a big joke.

    I would say that about 200 people show up, realize how isolated and far it is, party for a little bit and go home. Leaving a bunch of trash.
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  17. 100% accurate
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  18. Like at Alkali Lake, the real facility is underground.
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  19. Lol at running really fast like Japanese cartoons
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