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Storing weed..?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ragekai, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. How long does it keep? I got a lil baggie I stuck in my old cigar humidor. (I took the humidifier out for fear of molding the weed)..

    So how long will it stay fresh here?

    And if this isn't a good place for it what is for keeping freshness?

    And how long does a baggie usually stay fresh?
  2. the humidifier would not of created mold on the bud. the bud should last a few weeks in the baggie. If you find a small glass jar, the bud can be stored for months.
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    Why would a glass jar work better than a humidor?

    Lemme show you what I used for a humidifier:

    Its those humidification bead things...You think if I throw a tube in the humidor with my sack itll keep it fresh and not dry...? Or wil it make it too wet to smoke good..or..mold?
  4. Im guessing you dont know about cureing. Ok when you harvest a canabis plant, you first have to dry the buds and then once they are dry, you cure them. to cure the bud, growers put the bud in masion jars to "sit in their juices". once you finish curing the bud will be a TON better smoking. Once curing has taken place, the bud can be left in the jars and stored for many months.

    The humidifier just adds a little moisture to the bud. while the sealed jar keeps the bud away from oxygen, heat, and light which all three degrade thc(what makes u flyyy)

    Any Q's?
  5. If you're storing it in a baggy, it's going to slowly dry out no matter where you keep it. Unless you put it in an airtight jar or something, it's just naturally going to dry.

    It won't dry enough to make it unsmokable or anything unless you leave it out in the sun, near a heater, or something similar for a long time.

    I keep bud for month or two in several baggies, but it's also in a nylon bag kept in a shoebox in a closet.
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    I dont know how long you want to hold on to your stash, but if you smoke sparingly you can actually freeze your weed to preserve it. I've done this many times when I've picked up a surplus of a strain that doesn't come around often. The longest I've had a stash frozen was for a year and it smoked great. Just make sure you keep the weed in an air-tight container (i used vacuum seal) and you be alright.

  7. Well the humidor is, of course, air tight. And it is away from heat or light or oxygen too being enclosed in wood...The only thing I'm worring about is if adding this humidification is bad or I De-curring it?

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