Storing Seeds MUST SEE!

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  1. Yo I was just wondering and looking for a great or proper technique for storing seeds, I want em to Last for 5+ years if possible any ideas or thoughts
    Pleas post..:hello:

    And P.s. Only looking for this info cuz i want to keep my Super Lemon Haze
    Genetic alive it really works for my migraines!:cool:

    Thanks :wave:
  2. put them in a freezer.. when you want to pplant defrost them.. germinate and should sprout

  3. A regular pill container works?
    & thanks :)
  4. yeah that should work long as the seeds are below freezing so they wont try to grow or decay
  5. Storing seeds I a freezer kills the seeds I dunno what these guys are talking about.... Anyways get a
    Lil black film canister put a some rice in it, toss your seeds in and put the cap back on and store At room temperature or u can store in the freezer and kill em... The choice is yours...
  6. you can store seeds in a freezer. theres seed banks all around the world that save seeds up to 5 years in the freezer.
  7. I personally keep mine in a paper coin envelope (the paper will wick any moister away from them) and keep them stored in a 68 dry basement.

    Yeah I don't know about the freezer either. I actually highly advise against that.
    Freezing seeds risks damaging the cellular construct of the seed as moisture inside the seed expands as the ice expands. I am not saying that freezing seeds will kill them but it will lower germination rates of most seeds.

    I have never nor will I ever freeze seeds, I store mine using the method described above and have germed seeds that were 3 years old.
  8. That uncooked rice, will absorb moisture.

    Keep them cool, dark and dry, put them somewhere undisturbed like the refrigerator or back of a closet, and they will last years.
  9. yeah there are risk of them not germinating fast as they would before but if you dont freeze them they can last up to a year or 6 months

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