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storing my weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by narehs1, May 16, 2010.

  1. hey guys just got a quick question. If im trying to save my weed for a long time do i put it in a bag and then put it in the Tupperware or just put it in the tupperware?
  2. get a mason jar
  3. well putting it in the bag then putting it in the tupperware would make it last llonger than just the tupperware. But an airtight jar is probably best
  4. o shit im blazed as hell.. i thoght it said snorting my weed and i was like wtf
  5. :hello:
  6. i shit my pants when i read that. lol. omg that had me laughing for a gooooood minute

  7. The head shop near me sells these things called tight vacs its like a vaccuum sealed little container thing. its pretty useful cause it blocks out the smell very well too. but if not that a mason jar works fine for me
  8. what about putting fruit or veggies in the jar with it to help moisten it up if its a tad dry? i have a carrot in a jar with my bud. its only been in there for like 15 minutes tho. im thinking 9 or 10 hours or so?
  9. You put a carrot in with your marijuana?!?
    I .......use bread crust, ive heard orange and lime peels to. Plus it makes it taste/smell cool to.

    But that would be for my pounds, not like a half oz or w/e
  10. i heard carrots work too. i didnt have any apples or lettuce. i used half a baby carrot for half a oz.
  11. So the problem is that you say have a half oz and hold on to it for like a month? Cause otherwise no point in trying to keep your weed to damp. Theres that fine line right in between that you can usually keep it at if you just use 2 maybe even 3 ziplocs'. Do you get real dry stuff?
  12. If your only storing it for a few months or so, then just bag it up and put it in the tupperware. Or just put it inside an airtight glass jar. Or just leave it in the ziplock bag. The bud will last quite a while in a regular baggie. And I would only use an orange or lemon peel for a 1 day out of every month your keeping it stored.
  13. yea it was a little dry and i prefer moister buds.

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