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  1. OK- so i used the search button, and googled, but i really don't get deffinite results to my situation.

    I have like 3 tabs of acid - at least i was told theyre acid - but they arent on blotters like i was expecting, theyre on tiny (like, 1/2 of a cm squares) little pieces of white paper, a bit thicker then computer paper, but not quite cardboard-like.

    anyways, everywhere i look for "acid storage" or "lsd shelf life" and thinks like that, everyone says to put it in the freezer for it to stay a long time... but ive also seen people who barely took any precautions to store it and it worked fine...

    i bought mine about a week ago, and have it folded nicely in aluminum foil. the little aluminum pack is inside of a wooden box, in my desk drawer. the kid i got it from said that'd be a fine way to store it. I bought it about a week ago and plan on doing it anywhere within 1-4 weeks. will it be safe in foil for this long? the kid had his stored the same way.

    also, does it sound legit? hes a trustworthy source, and said he hadnt tried it yet, but bought it from the same person he always gets it from, and its apparently really good, according to him. THey came in long tiny white strips, in the material i mentioned above, and he cut off squares with toe-nail clippers for me.

    any advice is much appreciated. I've been trying to get my hands on acid for a while, and i finally (think i) did. im even weening off my shitty medication that will apparently greatly diminish my trip, so im waiting to use it preferably when the meds are completely out of my system (prozac which ive been on since summer- down to 20mg a day right now, a few days away from being at 10mg a day - and im also on lamictal, but have only been on it for a few weeks, and im back down to one small pill a day, i should be done with that within the week)

    anyways, anyone that can give me any sort of advice is greatly appreciated. im verry excited for my first trip. the kid also told me to take 1.5 hits, but then a friend whos done tons of acid said to do 2 hits, or ill be regretting it halfway through my trip when i realize it could have been a way better first time... im very experienced in psycadelics, but have never done cid.

    ...awaiting GC's never-ending awesome advice
  2. most people that i know throw their extra in the freezer... but i know of people keeping it in glass jars also.

    honestly man i've gotten fake acid a lot that are just plain white squares... but if it's a trustworthy source then i'm sure it's real. I've known of people with liquid dropping it on watercolor paper... which is thicker then computer paper.

    honestly man the first time i ever experienced lsd i took one hit, and i'm sure it was enough.

    but i dont see the hurt in taking 2 you'll be fine... just make sure you dont have anything to do within the next 12-17 hours.
  3. i say do all 3 lol. what you are doing to store it out is good but it will be much better if you also put it in your freezer in a dark corner to completely nullify the degradation of the chemical from heat and light. happy tripping :smoking:
  4. Keep it away from light and heat. That is why the freezer is so good. I'm sure being sealed in a baggie or jar is better then aluminum foil. I'd change that.

    It doesn't destroy the tab to leave it in sunlight or heat, but it does lessen the effects over a longish period of time. If you have alot of acid (i'd say over a month's worth) keep it in the freezer if you can. If not, any light proof container with minimal heat (i.e. not by a radiator or oven).

    I also just got some white tabs recently. They were poorly cut, but they were dropped fine. The guy seems alright, he isn't ripping you off in any blatant manner. If you do it in the next week your storage is also fine.
  5. you could just drop them today
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    i would, but i cant...
    im on medicine that would make my trip be next to nothing - thats why im asking how to store them, cuz i cant drop it until im completely off my meds, which i have to ween off of.

    right now i got it tightly pocketed in aluminum foil, and i have the foil packet in a mason jar, wrapped in a tshirt in a drawer...

    is it deffinitely worthwhile to put this in the freezer?? im afraid my roommates will find it if i do lol... not that theyd care - but they might just take em lol
  7. I keep it in a glass mason jar.I only store it for a week at the most.Most of the time on my closet.It stay's 70 so it isnt hot or anything.

    I finally found my last hit of Lsd that I lost while tripping.Can't wait to drop it,I am also picking up some roll's tonight hopefully.I may just candyflip again.

    Hope you have fun when you decide to trip.

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