Storing dried bud

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by nizmo, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. At the moment i just keep my bud in airtight glass jars and open them periodically.

    But when you wanna store it long term, i hear you should put it in the freezer and i have a couple of questions about this.

    Do you dry the bud completely beforehand so ice doesnt form?

    When you thaw it out, do you need to dry it some more?

    Do you just leave it in the freezer indefinetly? Do you need to open the jar periodically?

    Is there anything else i need to know?
  2. As long as the buds aren't overly moist toss 'em in the freezer. Won't harm properly cured bud. Vacuum sealing will keep the bud potent longer (year+ storage). Don't expose the bud to the air in your freezer - it will taint the bud with funky freezer smell/taste.
  3. yup i agree with hashman. stick the dried bud in some air tight jars (mason jars work best) and slam it in the freezer. they'll be as good when you take them out as when you put them in. if you can find a way to vacuum seal them in the mason jars (there are cheap ways to do this...pump-n-seal works well for only 20$...just google the name) you'll think you're smoking fresh bud in a year. i have grown enough bud to last me and my gf for over a year, and that's what we do. no complaints thus far from us. :)
  4. Mason jar in a freezer. also, i've heard if that method drys it out, you can put an orange peel in the jar beside the bud for a little bit, and it will moisten up again.

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