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Storing bud?help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eaglecrazz, May 14, 2011.

  1. So I just bought some good bud and its still a lil moist. But anywasy i want to save 10g of it for 3 weeks till i go to the beach. I have an empty pickle jar that i cleaned and dryed and was wondering if i throw it in there for 3 weeks will it last me? The reason im asking cause last time i stored it in a jar it got moldy.
  2. A jar is definitely the way to go, how wet is it? Usually
    If my shits a little fresh still I just open the jarfor a couple mins every day and enjoy the aroma, should be dry and cured i about a week, then should last two more

    Just make sure to air it out occasionally and u be fine
  3. 3 weeks? Idk ive never had weed last me that long.
  4. Definitely put it in the jar. that will keep it the freshest. I used it to store some for 2 weeks and it was just as fresh as the day I bought it
  5. put in the jar, either put a piece of paper towel in the jar with the weed if it's too moist and change it out every day. The pape will extract the moisture, and as long as you change it out every day it wont get moldy.
    Also you can just pop the top open to the jar every day for a little while, letting natural air get in and letting your weed dry out.

    but a good tip... if you're using a pickle jar, make sure you wash it out well and you dont smell any residual smells from the pickles. If it stinks too much like pickles your buds might pick up the smell.

  6. He may have invented something new, "Kosher Dill Kush".

  7. mmmm I love a nice sandwhich with a slice of Kosher Dill Kush on the side :D
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    OMG I want some! Once had bid pick up some orange flavor from jam jar, wasnt too bad

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