Stories about losing your virginity, do you regret it?

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  1. Well i lost mine when i was 14, and it was with this guy i liked. He pretended he liked me and everything, slept with me, and then ignored me for 10 months. Were ok now... but it was pretty shitty at the time :L
    Whats your stories?:confused:
  2. I was 16. This girl that sat next to me in one of my Math classes and I started talking. Brunette, wavy hair, curvy, sexy as hell. Great personality. Every teenage boy's dream. Over the semester the talking grew more and more and finally in May, we were really good friends. She insisted that we hang out over the summer and I said "duh, sure". It was one day in the middle of June. Both bored teenagers with ain't shit to do. I went over her house and she asked if I wanted to smoke a bowl. I said, sure. Couldn't pass up a bowl. I hadn't smoked that much weed at the time so I was STONED.

    We went back inside and started watching a movie on her bed. She then started drawing circles around my chest and asked if I had a girlfriend. I said "no" and she said "good". She then grabbed my hair gently and pulled me closer and that's when I kissed her. Actually, it wasn't a kiss it was more of our tongues were in a wrestling match. We were like that for thirty minutes and then she said she wanted to fuck me.

    Being the arrogant, horny, and selfish boy I was, I insisted that we have sex without a condom. She said: "I normally don't do this without a condom, but for you I'll make a very special exception." Her pussy was sooooooo good. At that time, it seemed like all of my dreams had come true. I was in heaven. For the next 3 months, we fucked almost everyday like rabbits. She was like cocaine to me. Unfortunately, I had to break it off because she was catching feelings and wanted a relationship and I didn't want any of that "wimpy bullshit". All I wanted to do was bang my balls off.

    If she wanted to be my girlfriend now, where I am in life, I would have said yes because I believe she would have made a good girlfriend.

    So no, I don't regret my first time. She is a lovely person and I'm sure she'll make some man very happy one day.
  3. Best night of my life... Felt so much better then I thought it would, and was with a beautiful women (I was 15, she was 17).
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    Ok some of you are going to rip on me for the

    So I'm in high school and I want to have a girl sleep over at my house. Having never asked my parents this, I didn't realize it was such a ridiculous request. Anyway, they tell me no, obviously. Then a few hours later I make up a story about me staying at a guy friends house, and go pick up the girl who's about a year younger than me.
    My grandmother's second house, that she spends very little time at is close by and I had a spare key to it because we lived there for a week or two.
    We played a drinking game to the movie Juno and we both took some depressant pharms. After the movie we lie down and she's a freak, much more experienced than me, so it just happened.

    Spark Notes: Grandmother's second house, whore, very intoxicated

    I didn't finish and had trouble even keeping it up, but we did it. She didn't like that I insisted on slapping her ass while we fucked either. lol Oh well.

    Edit: I don't really regret it because I had the confidence to have sex with girls I cared for more than her. And I mean, c'mon how many of us wanted to wait to lose it?
  5. Man my first time sucked. I don't regret the experience I suppose, but I do regret the inclusion of alcohol and how I didn't get to finish and how the girl apparently had a secret whore reputation when we did stuff (she was from another school)

    oh well!! :cool:

    one positive was that it upped my confidence in approaching women (not just sexually) nearly tenfold.
  6. Fucked a pregnant chick 4 times in 1 hour, came in her every single time and my sperm recharge rate is really fast.

  7. Agreed. The increase in confidence was the most rewarding thing for me.
  8. ahhh, memories.

    I was 15 and I had been seeing a girl I met on a blind date. She's the cousin of my sisters very good friend. She lived in Oregon at the time and was leaving shortly after our blind date. We ended up spending that whole summer talking and texting. Decided to try out a long distance relationship. That didn't last long because about 4 months into that she decides to move to my city and live with her dad. She even enrolled at my high school. :cool:

    and that's where it happened. one night, at the bottom parking lot of our high school.. in a truck. haha. it was pretty awesome, and afterwards we ate jack in the box. :smoke:
  9. Lost my virginity to a whore in the dirt at like 12 at night in the park. Yes i do regret it.
  10. I waited for a reason. Was NEVER comfortable with taking advantage of a woman if I wasn't into her. I was more the relationship type guy and I'm not going to lie, I lost out on tons of pussy. I'd rather have that doubt than regret and having my conscience lay heavy on my mind with leading a girl on or what not.

    My first was to my longterm girlfriend and I pride myself off of that judging by my willpower to stay away from hurting people and simply doing what's right.
  11. ^ Well don't you just make me feel like a terrible person lmao.

    Well it was about 2 years ago a few months after a serious relationship had just ended. My ex and I fooled around a lot haha we had done everything there is to do in the book, besides sex. My feelings for him outweighed my sexuality so I didn't mind but mind this I am a very sexual girl lol. Us breaking up made me snap, I had been texting an old friend of mine from high school. I had known this guy for a good 2 years but talked to him once every month or so. But I was too high to care and too turned on to care and we were texting at midnight (I moved out of my parents for college and was staying with my older brother at the time) and my brother and his gf had a bunch of friends over as usual so they didn't even notice me. Well after a few jokes about us having sex things got serious and he ended up coming over. The best part of this whole story is I share a bedroom with my 3 year old niece but she lives in North Carolina so she wasn't home most of the time :p.

    Do I regret well it was fun but I definitely wish I wouldn't had done that. Especially since I don't talk to that guy anymore. I was always that sort of person who thought I would wait for that know?
  12. I was 16 years old, and one of my friends introduced me to a girl. Well not really introduced... we had talked before, but were never really friends. So we started talking, and we ended up entering a relationship. She was a blonde, big tits, round ass, flat stomach. Honestly, I'm still surprised she even talked to me, forget about went out with me. She was way out of my league. Two days after my birthday she came over my house, and we had been dating for 3 months. We started hooking up on the bed, and it escalated into her giving me part of my birthday present... a box of condoms. Then we did it.
    Do I regret it? Noooooooo, not at all. She's still my girlfriend too. That worked out nicely.
  13. well, im not really sure which guy counts as my first, because the first didnt last 30 seconds. so ill tell both storys. both pretty bad. i just wanted to get it over with. and the best part, both of them were a direct result of when i started smoking weed.

    lol, my brother used to be good friends with this guy, for years, he even lived at my moms house.. i was living with my dad at the time. when i was 14 and started smoking, i would hang out with my brothers friends when i came to my moms because they would always smoke with me. me and ryan would flirt alot, and even ended up making out a few times. (not when anyone was ever around.) well one morning, he smoked with me, nooone was home, we started making out, and well one thing turned into another and then he was top of me.. my pants came off, his pants came off, just put it in and.... "WHAT THE FUCKKK".. in walks my brother when im losing my virginity to his best friend. it didnt last a minute. needless to say, they were no longer friends, and i was definitelyyyyy embarrassed

    but the first time i got really fuckeddd? he was my dealer. i did it for a free eighth. does that mean im a whore? lol. i would have done it anyway. he was hott!! but we were friends too. we went to school together, and we didnt hang out with the same crowds, but we would always flirt. he was my first hookup, for weed and for sex. lol.
  14. We were both 17 and it was with a fat chick in her parents mini van. Need I say more?
  15. 16, in the backseat of a car while drunk at a party.

    No regrets. It was fun. Better to be fun than "meaningful" with someone that you're probably going to hate in a few years anyway. :laughing:
  16. lost mine a while ago, made it pretty clear from the get go i wasn't trying to get into any commited relationship so if she feels that i tricked her into thinkin i liked her its definately something that would be news to me
    started with some head, wasn't too bad but i had to start explorin with my hand a bit and she quit about the time it started feelin good for her so no pre busting before the actual sex, i lasted about 2-5 minutes and switched out rubbers, but by the time we actually got into the second round she had to go cus it was just a quickie basically
    second time, she still didn't finish me with a bj so about 10 mins into that we switched to 69 amd she quit once she started feelin good again:(
    made her climax and then we fucked and it took me like an hour to bust so by the time we switched rubbers and went at it for another thirty minutes before tryin anal and gettin rid of the rubber all together, still no second round so we drove back to drop her off and she went for some road head:D but still didn't finish

    do i regret it, fuck no
    i probably could've lost it to someone a lil hotter but fuck at least i got some and its not like i got any gf shit to deal with - not hatin on those that do, just not for me right now
  17. I was 16 at the time and ...... no I must've been 17 ... wait I'm still a fuckn virgin haha well im only 18 I guess :)
  18. Oh man why didn't someone tell me that sooner.
    14, dating emo chick for 3 months, some regrets.
    clung for at least a year after I broke it off.

    edit: also I haven't talked to her in years but I'm pretty sure we hate each other.
  19. I was 13 with my first gf. Everything went fine and I don't really regret the event, just who it was with. She wasn't much of a looker. My friends and I call her the penguin from batman. Now we're just kind of aquaintances and pick with each other a lot.
  20. Last year, 19, a couple friends and I went on holiday to Gold Coast (Australia) which is pretty much a vacation party location. I was completely smashed and in a club I started grinding with some random chick, took her back to the apartment (didn't even know her name and never found it out). Lasted ages but I was too drunk to cum. I regretted it for a long time but over it now.

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