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  1. where do u guys buy your lights from. i mean does anyone sell them like home depot, walmart etc, i dont like the idea of buying one from a hydroponics store (seems kind of hot lol) or off the there anywhere else that would sell them? i have also heard theres 2 different kind, would either one work jus as good? thanks alot, i dont need a total break down of indoor lighting systems b/c i will do a search on it, im jus looking for information on where you guys physically get the lights from. thanks alot
  2. LMFAO, you are worried about going into a hydroponics store, but you are willing to go to Home Depot or WallMart to look for a ballest ??!?!?! Okay!

    Your best option is to go to a hydroponics store, as some people grow fruit and veggies indoors, and they would use the same concept/system. So there are many differnt uses for hydroponics, so I would personally say it is safe to buy from a store like that..

    I know when I went to my local store for the first time, I was kinda quite about what I was growing and then the owner just kinda told me some stories and then I opened up and told him what I was doing and he helped me right out! I always paid cash that way there was no paper trail.
  3. MH and HPS lights are basically industrial or security lighting. I bought a HPS security light as well as the mini twist CFL bulbs at Home Depot. If you're a little handy, you could probably save hundreds of dollars by shopping around and improvising a little over the prices you'd pay at a niche retailer like a hydro store.
  4. high tech garden supply 130$ 400 watt hetal halide and high pressure sodium i wouldnt settle for anything else... it the way to go
  5. home depot is the way to go... just dont go there stoned buying lights and soil and shit.

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