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Stored weed in a moist humid wet place, still ok?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by peterang2, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. I had to hide my stash under the house, for about four days. Its a little more than an eighth and I put It in a plastic bag inside a bookbag. The temperature here has been in the 90's and its been raining everyday. I took it out today and it seems fine, doesn't have a weird smell, and doesn't seem to have any types of growths on it. You guys think its alright?
  2. Try it out and let us know......:love-m3j:

    Do you have a pic? just curious....wanna see it

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  4. it was in a zip lock....inside a backpack UNDER the house...meaning not actually getting rained ON? If so, youre good........i think
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  5. that's what im thinking too, It didn't physically get wet and I think that's the main cause of spore growth is moisture
  6. I guess what worried me was the humidity and how hot it was under the house, the bud is pretty grinded up anyways and I just rolled a couple blunts with it
  7. I really don't think you have anything to worry about....I mean if it tastes like :poop: when you start smoking might wanna rethink it....but other than that.....blaze it freely brotha
  8. thanks man I appreciate it. Makes me feel better just to get a second opinion
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  9. Now pass it! J/K :love-m3j:
  10. I don't wanna get too personal, but I;m in for a chuckle........was it parents......girlfriend........or visiting family who smokes all your stash?
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  11. :love-mj2: ahaha , we were moving stuff around in my house so I had to find somewhere to hide it xD s0 I just put that shit under the house until everthing was settled
  12. wasn't counting on it being 90 degrees and raining everyday:frown::frown:
  13. You might wanna invest in a glass jar ,for these rainy days....LOL...Glad it was OK !
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  14. hell yea lol... just bought a mason jar , appreciate you guys responding to this thread:thankyou:
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  15. strange place to put it though. just put it in the bathroom drawer that is never used. bottle or some grocery bags around it will take care of smell.

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