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  1. I went to my film shop and asked for a handful of the film containers that are dropped off...I weighed out eighths to space out my bud throughout the week i think they work a hell of a lot better than baggies, as you can have a small amount in each, so how long do you keep yer budd???I'll buy 1 to 1.5 ounce for 2 weeks,,, when i have an orange, I'm going to put a little peel in each container... gotta go...wayyyyy too fukin stoned////
  2. i have one. they are really good to put your bud in.
  3. lol...dunno how that got in the growing forum..meant for it in the Rec forum or general...haha..oh well..wake n bake time :)
  4. i just got big ass bags in my freezer. and when i run out of my stash near my bong...which has about 2 ounces right now of hi quality bud...i just go and grab a handfull more.
    what is really cool is that i got maybe 4-5 diff var. of weed in i mix and match.

    and i like bags cuz u can fit more in it...damn little film case isnt big enough for even one bud much less party favor buds.

  5. I put lime peel in with my curing buds and it gives a nice smell and taste. Make sure to scrape the inside skin off well, cos it can attract mould quite easily.

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