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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Herbanlegendz, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Hey boys/girls

    I was wondering how long you can store your green in mason jars, also if there are any long term like 3-4 month ways of storing without freezing. Thanks for any replies in advance!
  2. Just keep the buds in a cool,dark place and you should be good for a solid year, but for me personally I use infinity jars, they're more money but I find they work the best, also it could be for me at least the mason jars don't work because my place is quite dry a lot of the times.

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  3. No need to freeze it. Weed can last months in a mason jar with a proper seal. There are threads around here about long term storage you may want to search for. If there's a sale on I may end up buying several 1/8's or 1/4's of different strains and I might end up with a lot of weed in small amounts. I put them all in very small mason jars and while some gets smoked super fast, others may stay in the jars for over a year. Never had any issues.

    It's important to use the right sized container or mason jar. If you get one that's too big, it's like not even having it in a sealed jar. You want it to be 3/4 to all the way full.
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  4. Yeah I'm using mason jars 3/4 full and i was just curious if I was to keep my RH around 50-60% how long I could keep those bad boys without running into issues. I've read quite a few threads on the subject but run into some conflicting information, really appreciate the replies!
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  5. I've kept mine with 62% rh and not even in a mason jar, in one of those plastic tightvac ones. Good as new two months later, if not better.

    I've also had weed under the same conditions for an entire summer once while I was away, and when I reopened them they were amazing! I hadn't smoked in three months so I guess anything would have beee amazing at that point.
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  6. Honestly the longer the cure the better it gets!!!
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  8. Bit confused with the page so not sure if rite place for my question. I'm behind the 8 ball. My plan to harvest and dry in stages got shot to hell with a storm. I grow to make medicinal cannabis oil and I use the whole plant without the big fans so I have no concern with buds being "crushed/flattened etc by vacuum sealing. My dry room is full and I have another 6 plants coming from my other location next week. Can I just cut off the fans and vac pack all the rest while still wet/damp and store in a dark cupboard until I need to process?
  9. Wet storage even vac sealed will likely mold. Dry down to 65% then seal.

  10. what are infinity jars?

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