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Storage Question ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ganja214, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Soo I just bought sum mid Sour Diesel dubs, 3 of them and I was wondering if you can store them in a orange pill bottle like when you get medicine from the pharmacy. And should i keep the weed in the baggie and them in the pill bottle or take it out the baggie and put in in the bottle?:smoke:
  2. Weed in bottle, then the bottle in a fresh Ziploc.

    A glass jar with a rubber gasket is the optimum way to store, though.
  3. Either way would work, just make sure the pill bottle is washed out and dried... and it's a neutral smell to where it won't seep into the bud.
  4. Yes you can keep it in the pill bottle, and it doesn't matter if you take it out of the bags or not.
  5. Yea pill bottles are fine sometimes the smell can leak through so find a good hiding place like a dresser in the lock box in your car in a vent in the far recess of your anus in your spice Cabinet where ever you can find a good place where the smell won't play a factor
  6. There are 3 of these threads on the front page.

    LOOK AROUND before you start a new thread.

    That being said, buy a mason jar
  7. Save your money, use the tank. If the smell seeps out, put the tank in a ziploc bag.

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