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Storage Containers for Multiple Strains

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Elixsor, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Just recently got my green card and have been enjoying the benefits of the dispensary system.

    I've been trying as many different strains as I possibly can. The only issue I am running into is how to store all the different strains I am sampling.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for good containers that have multiple compartments?

    Been looking at the EnjoyJars as well as the KindStack containers but just wanted to see if there are any other containers that I might not be aware of...

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion!:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. Use any kind of jars you want, even pickle jars
  3. I personally like "tight vac" containers. But mason jars work great too. I also use those little single serving jam/marmalade jara for travel. Bonus that your bud smella like oranges after.
  4. Glass candle jars work pretty slick, just melt out any remaining wax when youre candles fizzled out and scrub it down :)
  5. When working with samples, we have success using spice display cases like these (you can buy them empty for cheap) :)

    Just be sure that the jars are glass, and that they (hopefully) have decent air-tight lids.




    Google and ebay are your friends...

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    I have 4 8oz mason jars that I use. Each 8oz jar holds a 1/2oz of bud. I keep a different strain in each jar, unless I pick up an ounce of some real good stuff.

    Once one of the jars finishes up, then I'll go back to get more. Once in a while I'll have 1 jar empty but the other 3 have quite a bit left in there, so I'll try finishing some of it up before going back.

    I don't think I've been dry for 4-5 yrs because of this, as theres always something else to smoke even if I've finished one jar up.

    I was more curious though, is it an issue putting 2 different strains in the same jar?
  8. I think the biggest issue with so many jars is then you'd get more caught up "collecting" different strains which may dry some of the older stuff out.

    If you're buying smaller amounts, less than a 1/2 oz, just buy a bunch of small mason jars.

    8oz jars hold a 1/2oz. If you're buying 1/8ths only, you only need 2 oz jars. Baby food jars work pretty good too.
  9. I just posted a thread for the grindtainer it has a divider in it for two dif strains and is airtight and can grind your bud. Check it out
  10. Mason jars are best

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